Thursday, April 19, 2012

GOODBYE COLTON & American Idol!!!

I can't believe it!!! No, Colton is voted off American Idol!!! What is wrong with you, America??? Don't you see how talented he is??? HOW COULD YOU PEOPLE DO THAT??? You might as well have stabbed me because come on, how many talented guys can you find who looks so good and looks even better singing??? ARE YOU PEOPLE MAD??? Not to push anyone's buttons but yeah, I'm bias when it comes to Colton but hello??? Have you seen him??? Personally I'm a little mad at the judges and the viewers for NOT:

a) Are you judges deaf or blind??? He sounds absolutely amazing every week and yet you people just don't stand up for HIM??? You stand for everyone but HIM and I'm a little peeved about that... Seriously, I think most of his performance were better than some of the remaining contestants and yet, you stand up for them!!! What is wrong with you all???
b) Why did you people vote for him??? Don't listen to the judges because they're pretty much a little bias towards some contestant (My point of view so don't get me wrong, I love them and hold no personal grudges against them!!!) if you watch the reruns of previous episodes again and you'll notice it...

So, farewell Colton and to show my loyalty, Imma quit watching American Idol for good because they made the same mistake again!!! Last year was Pia and this year it's COLTON!!! I just don't get what America wants now because honestly it's frustrating for me...You lost a loyal viewer, American Idol!!!

Anyway, happy Birthday Xheylie!!! and you're so old now!!! Anyway, check out the cutest cupcakes EVER!!!

So, basically I haven't been doing anything than eating, going to uni, sleeping...Seriously, I feel like a little pig!!!

Now you see it!!!

Now you don't!!!

That was my breakfast and I loved it!!! I just love pasta and the weird part is I ate pasta the previous night for dinner...Hehe!!!

Anyway, this will be my last post on American Idol since Colton is gone so I won't be watching it anymore because I'm emoing that they eliminated Colton...I hope he gets a record deal because he's the real deal!!! I would even buy his album!!! Thank you to those of you who supported Colton like I did and it's a shame that America made the wrong choice again...Here's Colton's songs from this week and enjoy it!! Remember to keep supporting a star like him!!!

WATCH out America because Colton will be back stronger and show everyone that he deserved that title!!!


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