Monday, April 2, 2012

Hunger Games Mania!!!

Call me insane or just play weird for being obsessed with just about anything I watch or even heard but honestly, why haven't I heard of Hunger Games before I found out about the movie that was coming out this year??? Okay, I get it that I'm just a sucker for love stories such as Twilight, Vampire Diaries and etc plus I also love fantasy books like Eragon, The Secret Circle and etc so Hunger Games is a combination of both elements hence how could I not check it out???


Okay, firstly, there's nothing lovey dovey about the story because it's actually about the struggle of survival of people and it's mainly on the Hunger Games which explains why the book is called...The Hunger Games!!! So, here's to cut the story short.

Girl's little sister was afraid to be picked and girl comforts sister telling her that it's not likely and then BOO, little sister gets pick (How obvious right?) Anyway, girl volunteers to replace her sister and she's the girl tribute for district 12!!! Who's the guy tribute then, you ask??? It's the baker's son named Peeta (Wait, wasn't there a bread named pita bread???How ironic since his dad's a baker???) Anyway, the whole game is mainly to send 24 tributes every year and these tributes are all children!!! Is that sick or what??? And the worse part is...they have to kill each other in order to win!!! What kind of sick world is that???

And..the game starts where the only way to win is to do anything and EVERYTHING and that's what everyone does....All the tears, love and etc comes out in order to gain support which also means more clothings, food, water and any survival gear (Talk about sympathy votes!!!)

So, Peeta the bread decides to play a game to deceive the capitol by confessing his love for girl named Katniss and bam, all the support comes in for these 'lovebirds' and the capitol even supports the love feast (So, why did they come up with this sick children killing children game again if they support true love???)

If you're wondering why I sound like I'm talking about the movie well, I haven't read the book completely yet but I did watch the trailers so yea, I really should watch the movie since I'm practically crazy about the series right now!!! Here's the trailer just for those of you who haven't watched it yet....

And I love two songs from the soundtrack so far which were both performed and written by Taylor Swift so check out the two hauntingly beautiful songs!!!

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