Saturday, April 14, 2012

MY Latest Obsessions!!!

My latest obsession is:

No, not really the song but the guy singing the song!!! If you still don't know who the heck he is after reading several of my recent post, imma punch you!!! Okay, I can't do that and I'm just kidding but honestly, how can you not know who he is???

Where on earth have you been this whole time??? Three words of describing him: Talented, hot and sexy (Wait until my parents read this then no more American Idol until this Season is over!) Imma die if I don't get my daily dose of American Idol but my sister says more like my dose of Colton Dixon!!!

Want to know what else I'm obsessed with??? Too bad for you if you replied no because Imma tell you anyway so suck it up, people...

Ah, 4Minute's back and I'm so happy!!! Can't believe that they're back!!! I've been waiting for so long and I love their new video, Volume Up!!! Check it out below!!! Why are they so sexy and I'm like the total opposite??? I think I'll look like a kid standing next to them...Sigh, life is never fair...

Erm, don't mind the McDonald's ad in the beginning if there's one cuz I don't even know why they keep showing that advertisment everywhere!!! It's like the burger is telling me to "EAT ME!!! You know you want to!!! Eat me!!!" Perhaps that's all in my head and I'm going crazy!!! No!!!!

And even better is Shinee's back too!!! I'm so excited because it's been SOOOOOOO LONG!!!
Another song on replay in my music player right now!!!

This week was pretty much like an other week but I got an extra day to rest thanks to some holiday which I don't know why but WHO CARES??? I wish everyday was a holiday so I can sleep in all day!!! A student can dream of that day when it comes!!!

But with all my constant obsession to help me make it through the week, I survived and now to survive the rest of the year...

Ps. Thank you for your support everyone and keep reading!!! I'll try to post as often as possible but no promises that I'll do it everyday!!! Even if I do, it's bound to be boring after a while...HEHE!!! Have a great weekend!!!


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