Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My TV addiction!!!

Okay, I admit that I am a huge tv addict right now but hey, what do you expect me to do at home since my classes haven't started yet??? I'd rather rot in front of a box that shows me pictures rather than to sit in my room, daydreaming so yeah, allow me to introduce all my favourite shows!!!

1. Supernatural

What's more perfect than two brothers hunting supernatural things while looking good at the same time??? Honestly, I could watch the whole show endlessly and that's precisely what I did for Season 5!!! I sat for 6 hours straight to watch one entire DVD and gosh, I was drooling!!!

Plus, Jensen Ackles just looks so hot in his leather jacket and that bad boy attitude!!!

2. Suits

Not your average law shows on lawyers making huge bucks (Well, technically they do make lots of money in this show but there's more than money in this show) Enter the legal world with Mike who is a Rookie lawyer with a huge secret (He's never been to law school but he passed the bar!!!) and his struggle in life with the best closer in the city, Harvey who has no heart...Can Mike teach Harvey a little lesson on compassion as he learns to undertake the legal world??? Watch and you'll see!!! I'm in love with all those luxury cars in one of the episodes...Plus, I might be able to gain a little tip from watching how to be sneaky!!! Hehe!!!

3. Covert Affairs

It has always been my dream to be a spy and this show is exactly how I pictured life to be for a spy...Yeah, I practically told everyone that I want to be a spy so there goes another dead dream of mine...I love the action and the secrets!!! Plus I'm looking forward for Annie and Auggie to get together!!! Ah, I'm such a sucker for love stories sometimes!!!

Look how awesome they look together!!! Imma punch someone if they don't end up together soon!!!


I can't wait for Season 5 because I just love this entire series soooooo much!!! It's even on my playback list and that doesn't happen a lot for me...Maybe it does... Hmm, meet Merlin, well, the young version of Merlin before everything like Arthur's rise and etc...I love Katie McGrath too because she's just so pretty!!!

5. Vampire Diaries

Admit it, everyone loves Vampire Diaries because of the love triangle and all the drama!!! I'm still rooting for team Stelena so sorry to those Damon fans but to me, Elena looks better with Stefan!!! Do I smell something fishy going to happen in Mystic Falls soon...That town is seriously cursed with all the werewolves, vampires and ghost attacks, gosh, I would not want to live there!!!

Until next time, folks!!! I do hope one of your favourites are on my list too!!! Hehe!!!

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