Monday, July 23, 2012

Feeling Down-ish???

Guess who's back again after almost two weeks of absence??? ME!!!

It's really frustrating right now because after all my hard work and hours put into typing and researching for some dumb essay writing competition, I get an email informing me that my email was NOT sent!!! I mean honestly, it's just a pain and it wasn't even my fault!!! Why did I even bother to do the essay and submitting it before the deadline when it was clearly not going to be sent???A little tip Lexis Nexis, make sure you give out an email address that is functioning properly because honestly, why bother setting up a competition when some participants can't submit their work??? It's POINTLESS!!!
They don't get it either!!!

And now back to writing all about my life....

Let's see, how do people actually keep a diary??? I don't mean those daily calender in those black books which working people seem to love carrying around (Is that like a fashion statement or something???) but more like the you know "Dear Diary and etc"... I tried and it worked for a few days (Maximum 10 days and now there are gaps in my life so I'm missing a few days of my life...It's just sooo hard to keep track and write down everything that happens...I mean am I suppose to comment about my daily activity or just ramble on about my thoughts while doing that activity or what I thought of during the entire days...People, I need help with this matter because I have no idea what to write about...HELP PLEASE!!!

Pretty much nothing's happening in my life right now aside from the fact that I'm watching reruns of shows and maybe updating this blog and stuff (My mum hates it when I use the word 'stuff' everytime she ask me what I'm up to but I do it anyways!!!) so yeah, nothing much to update on besides my boring life and thoughts...Anyone has any suggestion on shows to watch???

Speaking of shows to watch, I love old shows!!! Not those black and white kind because...I get that it was old and there was no colours in the past but it's too old!!! Like the acting is a little stiff plus I used to think that everyone was black and white back then so no, it's not a good thing!!! Can you imagine people only in black and white??? Well, that would probably have stopped the racism that occurred in America but it's freaking kids like me out!!! Thank god I never told people how I thought the world was like with only two colours....I love those classical stories like Jane Austen period and maybe the Tudor period too!!! I'm currently hooked on Downton Abbey because it is just too good!!!

Downton Abbey takes place in the UK and a problem basically arises when the question of succession is brought forward...You have this rich family who resides in DA but the only catch male heir. What is with people and being all that fussy about having a son??? I mean come on, females are perfectly capable of doing anything a guy can do as you can see from this modern age where according to research, the female population seems to be smarter than the males but I'm not sure how much of that it true but no, those days, girls were seen as cattles (Strong way to put it but it's entirely true!!!) Ladies were sold off in marriage like cows to rich guys for their family's climb on the ladder of society!!! Whatever happened to love??? How can a person marry someone they don't love??? Sorry if it sounds offensive but I just can't grasp that concept of arranged marriage and I would never agree to that idea...For me, it's either love or nothing because I would ever want to spend my entire life with a man that I don't and can't possibly love and that's not right!!! You can make someone love you's a crime in my books... Anyway, back to the show, you have three sisters whom can't inherit the home that they grew up in unless....unless they marry the person who's inheriting it which is their cousin...How is that not weird to marry your own cousin???

The complicated love birds!!!
Personally I love Lady Mary even though she can be a little annoying at times and if you're wondering she's the one with the big hat with those flowers...She's quite pretty and I just love her dresses!!! Plus I can't figure out how she manages to bun her hair up so perfectly!!! She's the eldest sister and therefore she has to marry her cousin, Matthew in order to keep Downton Abbey in her family and avoid being kicked out of that grand estate!! I never understood why they couldn't just share the estate because they are family after all and that would avoid all the drama but then there wouldn't be a show so my lips are sealed... The house is so big and there's probably more than 20 rooms so why does a person need all 20 rooms??? You'll probably not bump into each other even if you share!!!

But things gets more complicated when Mary can't make up her mind on whether she wants Matthew or not!!! When he chases her, she's all 'Whatever" and ignores his feelings all because she's taking him for granted!!!

But when he's poor, she throws him away like some rotten fish and when he's rich again, she starts loving him!!! Urgh...the drama is killing me!!! Just accept the guy already and get on with your life!!! Only in shows and movies would the heroine make a mess of things when it looks fairly simple...

See what I mean??? is so complicated...

That's all for now from me and I'll be back for more!!! Have a good day!!!


Friday, July 20, 2012

The Tudors Obsession!!!

Back to another one of my random rambling and I'm going to ramble about a new obsession of mine...I know that the show's really old and that it ended some time ago but my need to watch it is new so I was sooo glad when I found it!!!

Here's a guess...Take a look at the picture below to figure out what I'm rambling about!!!

If you guess the Tudors then well done and if you couldn't figure it out, what are you still doing here??? I mean seriously, go and watch it now because how can you not know what show I'm talking about!!! It's clearly written on the poster!!!

What I love about this show is...everything...Okay, let me break it down slow and explain the reasons why I think you should and MUST watch this show...

a) The costumes are amazing!!!

b) The actors and actresses are so incredibly talented...
c) The love stories revolving in the entire 4 seasons
d) Henry Cavil

e) All the above!!!

Frankly I love Henry and Anne Boleyn together because I found the love story most compelling to watch as it blooms slowly yet full of passion well that is until she loses her life in such a tragic twist of fate..This entire show is based on Henry VIII and his six (I'm not kidding!!!) SIX wives so yeah,there's a lot of love and not much love parts in this show but that was the 15th century!!! Allow me to elaborate, King Henry is married to his older brother's (deceased) wife, Katherine of Aragon and after many years, they only had one daughter, Mary Tudor also known as 'Bloody Mary' for certain reasons although I don't blame her for what she did because of being ill treated all those years so Henry is tired of the Queen which results in him taking many mistresses to entertain him...Of course, there's always one who's different and it turns out to be Anne Boleyn who is requested by her own father to be the King's mistress...How sick can that be??? Her own father asking her to sleep with someone when she's not even married to him!!! Times sure has changed...What kind of father would do that??? Right, those were the times where you sleep around freely without any consequence and it was an honour to be known as the King's mistress...
I loved this part sooo much when they first meet!!!

Anne starts playing with Henry's love and pretty soon, she's got him hooked around her finger and demands that he marries her if he loves her and so, the fight begins between the Queen and the future Queen...To be honest, I don't blame Anne for barging in that marriage even though it is morally wrong but the King was already unhappy plus she was only doing what her father wanted which was to pull her family higher up the social ladder plus I think she was in love with him...I hated the part when she's condemned to death for something she didn't do just because she could provide him with a male heir (see how terrible life was because everyone was pushing for a male heir???) but she did provide him with the greatest monarchy after Henry which was Elizabeth but Henry was long gone by the time she came to rule England or else he would be eating his words!!! I almost cried when she died because it was just wrong!!!
Look how sweet they look together!!!

The show is also packed with some action with the war going on and there's a lot of ambitious people around who uses their influence with the King to step on other people and they end up losing their heads literally speaking...

Lady Mary is also such an amazing character in this show too!!! She's as strong headed as her mother plus she has such a strong belief even though she turned out to be named 'The worst monarchy in England's history' but I really loved her in this show.... Too bad she turned out terrible because I just can't imagine her turning all crazy in this show!!!
Isn't she pretty???

The character that I hated the most was...Katherine Howard actually...I mean she was just plain annoying and childish!!! Plus that marriage was a sham from the beginning because she was only 17 years old and he was 40++ years old!!! Urgh...I can't imagine how she could live like that just for all the money and title because I would have ran far away even if he offered me a million bucks!!! I was actually glad that she was killed because it was her fault that she decided to cheat on the King right under his nose plus she was not as she claimed she was so what do you expect when you mess around with the King??? Her speech was touching because she was in love with the man she had an affair with who was beheaded but she could have waited a few more years!!! I mean come on, he's pretty old and she's young so why couldn't she just wait for him to pass away then run away with the man she loves??? That way she gets the guy and the money!!! I guess I can't blame her though because she was basically a pawn being used so she never did get the upbringing that the other wives had...
Epic Speech!!!

Those were the times when killing a person was alright so thank heavens for the law!!! I can't imagine living in those times where you would see public execution as a norm and heads were spiked and placed on the gates of the Tower of London like decorations and honestly, they were wondering why the black plague took place??? I mean look around, you have dead heads as decorations, public executions where blood splatters everywhere, urine poured from the windows and no proper drainage system so yeah, BINGO!!!!

Anyway, that's about all I wanted to ramble about this show so if you love flying heads (Kidding!!!), chopping heads, love stories and Henry Cavil, you would watch this show because Henry Cavil looked so hot in those tight pants...Ah, at least there was one good thing about those times!!! Hehe!!!

Did I mention how hot Henry Cavil was???


Friday, July 6, 2012

MIA AND I'm Back again!!!

Sorry for going MIA these past few days but...I was busy with some personal stuff but it's nothing serious like a family crisis (Oh my god, I'll freak out and combust if there is one in my family!!!) or even a boyfriend problem because I don't even have one (And if I said I did in any previous post, it wasn't me and it was an imposter so READ MY LIPS!!! Oh wait, you can't see me...Hear me clearly, I DO NOT HAVE AND AM NOT PLANNING TO CHANGE MY STATUS FROM SINGLE TO IN A RELATIONSHIP ANY TIME SOON!!!) And even if I did, I wouldn't be telling the whole world about this so-called boyfriend because
a) my mum would kill me if she found out from reading on my blog
b) Breaking my vow of not getting distracted (But vows are always broken by me all the time so no biggie!!)
c) I would rather be spending my time with this so-called boyfriend then writing about him here...

AND are you insane??? Why would I tell everyone that I have a boyfriend??? People get boyfriends all the time but it's the keeping that's tricky and the best trick is to make the relationship last which leads eventually to an engagement and finally, the wedding bells!!! Yeah, that might take a while for me since I'm not even on level 1 (Make that level minus 2 for now...) Plus I'm married to my law books for another 4 years so so long, singlehood and bring on the insane marriage stage of my life...See, people only go through it once in their lives but lucky me gets to go through it twice (If I survive the 4 years and I find a guy!!!)

Anyway, I'll do my best to update the previous missing days as much as possible so sorry if there suddenly so many post updated at one time in the future but that's what happens when I procrastinate as usual...

So, I've been hanging out at Sunway Pyramid these few days with my cousin and I finally found  my star bracelet so thank god!!! It's not exactly what I was looking for but oh well, it's good enough for now...If only I can find a perfect star necklace like a single star on it (Is that so much to ask for???) And the best part of buying the bracelet was...I got my guy cousin to follow me in the store and so if anyone ask, I have gotten a guy into a girl's store before so yeah!!!

I think I really need a wardrobe change as I was walking pass all those stores with the sale poster stuck all over the window and it was practically screaming (YES, SCREAMING!!!) for me to buy something!!!


I swear it took me a lot of effort to walk away but I'm so going to go on a shopping trip with my friends even if I don't buy anything...It's just a girl's thing to walk into a store and touch things even if she doesn't buy it!!!

I wish I was rich but it's probably not a good idea because...I would probably buy up the whole mall if I were a millionaire and go running around the entire mall like a mad woman!!!

And I know that honesty is the best medicine but not in this case...I can't explain but...let's just say I want to say something like the truth but..I want to keep living and breathing so yeah, not a good idea and this is why I  will follow what I'd learnt in UK...When you have nothing good to say, don't say it at all...Thank you, Miss Martin for teaching me that when I was way younger and never understood why you came up with such a dumb rule but now, I totally get it so thank you!!!

Ah, the life of a young adult sure is complicated and living in the modern world isn't making life easier...Thank you to Mark Zuckerberg for creating Facebook because now, people rather talk on FACEBOOK and date online than to meet face-to-face!!! Gosh, next time even babies who are 1 week old will have Facebook to and update their status every minute with "Gogo gaga" or "Waaaa!!!" I can almost imagine the day and doesn't look bright....

That's all for now...Have a great weekend, guys and girls who are so awesome for supporting me by reading my rambles!!! Please do comment or follow me on Twitter!!! Thanks...No Facebook add please because...I'm not a girl eager to meet stranger kinda girl so sorry but no thanks...