Friday, July 6, 2012

MIA AND I'm Back again!!!

Sorry for going MIA these past few days but...I was busy with some personal stuff but it's nothing serious like a family crisis (Oh my god, I'll freak out and combust if there is one in my family!!!) or even a boyfriend problem because I don't even have one (And if I said I did in any previous post, it wasn't me and it was an imposter so READ MY LIPS!!! Oh wait, you can't see me...Hear me clearly, I DO NOT HAVE AND AM NOT PLANNING TO CHANGE MY STATUS FROM SINGLE TO IN A RELATIONSHIP ANY TIME SOON!!!) And even if I did, I wouldn't be telling the whole world about this so-called boyfriend because
a) my mum would kill me if she found out from reading on my blog
b) Breaking my vow of not getting distracted (But vows are always broken by me all the time so no biggie!!)
c) I would rather be spending my time with this so-called boyfriend then writing about him here...

AND are you insane??? Why would I tell everyone that I have a boyfriend??? People get boyfriends all the time but it's the keeping that's tricky and the best trick is to make the relationship last which leads eventually to an engagement and finally, the wedding bells!!! Yeah, that might take a while for me since I'm not even on level 1 (Make that level minus 2 for now...) Plus I'm married to my law books for another 4 years so so long, singlehood and bring on the insane marriage stage of my life...See, people only go through it once in their lives but lucky me gets to go through it twice (If I survive the 4 years and I find a guy!!!)

Anyway, I'll do my best to update the previous missing days as much as possible so sorry if there suddenly so many post updated at one time in the future but that's what happens when I procrastinate as usual...

So, I've been hanging out at Sunway Pyramid these few days with my cousin and I finally found  my star bracelet so thank god!!! It's not exactly what I was looking for but oh well, it's good enough for now...If only I can find a perfect star necklace like a single star on it (Is that so much to ask for???) And the best part of buying the bracelet was...I got my guy cousin to follow me in the store and so if anyone ask, I have gotten a guy into a girl's store before so yeah!!!

I think I really need a wardrobe change as I was walking pass all those stores with the sale poster stuck all over the window and it was practically screaming (YES, SCREAMING!!!) for me to buy something!!!


I swear it took me a lot of effort to walk away but I'm so going to go on a shopping trip with my friends even if I don't buy anything...It's just a girl's thing to walk into a store and touch things even if she doesn't buy it!!!

I wish I was rich but it's probably not a good idea because...I would probably buy up the whole mall if I were a millionaire and go running around the entire mall like a mad woman!!!

And I know that honesty is the best medicine but not in this case...I can't explain but...let's just say I want to say something like the truth but..I want to keep living and breathing so yeah, not a good idea and this is why I  will follow what I'd learnt in UK...When you have nothing good to say, don't say it at all...Thank you, Miss Martin for teaching me that when I was way younger and never understood why you came up with such a dumb rule but now, I totally get it so thank you!!!

Ah, the life of a young adult sure is complicated and living in the modern world isn't making life easier...Thank you to Mark Zuckerberg for creating Facebook because now, people rather talk on FACEBOOK and date online than to meet face-to-face!!! Gosh, next time even babies who are 1 week old will have Facebook to and update their status every minute with "Gogo gaga" or "Waaaa!!!" I can almost imagine the day and doesn't look bright....

That's all for now...Have a great weekend, guys and girls who are so awesome for supporting me by reading my rambles!!! Please do comment or follow me on Twitter!!! Thanks...No Facebook add please because...I'm not a girl eager to meet stranger kinda girl so sorry but no thanks...


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