Monday, June 7, 2010

Vampire Diaries

I found a new vampire series which just premiered in Malaysia last Tuesday and I absolutely fell in love with it!!! It is a love story of two vampires, Stephan and Damon who fall in love with the same girl, Elena!!! The two brothers return to Mystic Falls to look for her and Damon swore to make Stephan's immortal a living hell despite Stephan's protest!!! Damon finds out about Elena and returns to pursue her for revenge but soon he falls for her charms and that's where the story starts off!!! I can't wait to finish watching the entire season 1 and hopefully it will be as juicy as the twilight saga!!!

My Latest Favourite Vampire Series: VAmpire Diaries

My Favourite Book: New Moon VS Eclipse

New Moon was a heart breaking book and it was the first book that I’d bought to start my twilight collection despite my parents’ protest. It had a great storyline which kept readers wanting more towards the ending of the story wherelse Eclipse is the battle of two loves that would end with the ultimate sacrifice from one love and I found myself entwined by the power of the love triangle between the major characters: Bella, Edward and Jacob.
In New Moon, Bella is fearful as she celebrates her 18th birthday with the Cullens and because of her clumsiness; she was almost attack by her vampire sweetheart’s entire family except Carlisle whom is immune to the draw of blood due to centuries of practice. To protect her life and soul, Edward leaves Bella and is forced to break her heart in order to keep her safe from the vampire world that he lived in. She goes on a rampage after his entire family leaves the town of Forks by doing idiotic with the help of her best friend, Jacob and his feelings towards her starts to bloom but her feeling towards Edward was unchanged as she’d been ready to leave her human life and join his vampire world to be with him forever. She realizes that whenever her adrenaline is rushing in her body, she hears his voice and she keeps doing careless stunts to keep his memories alive and to know that he did exist. After a dangerous cliff diving act that almost killed her, Alice Cullen, Edward’s sister returns to Fork after she had a vision of Bella jumping off the cliff but she didn’t see her coming out of the water. After a strange phonecall from Edward who pretended to be Carlisle Cullen, Alice sees Edward approaching the Volturi, ancient royal vampires in a bid to die but they refused to do so and he comes up with a plan to reveal himself to humans. Bella finds herself forced to choose between Jacob or Edward and she chooses to save Edward with Alice. In Italy, Bella find s Edward and all three of them are faced with the Volturi. Aro, the head of the Volturi is fascinated by Bella’s unreadable and protected mind and Alice promises to change Bella in the coming future. After they return to Forks, Edward explains his true intentions of leaving Bella and he promises to not leave without her as he needs her. The entire Cullens’ voted for Bella’s immortality except for Rosalie and Edward as they knew the complecity of Edward and Bella’s relationship. Edward promises to change Bella on one condition which is for Bella to marry him first and she is devastated by his condition. Edward is reminded of the treaty once more by Jacob and Jacob is shocked by Bella’s news of her choice in becoming a vampire to be with Edward.

In Eclipse, Bella is angry at Jacob for telling her father about her dangerous motorbike hobby and she is ungrounded by her father on several conditions. Edward is unkeen for Bella’s mere request to visit La Push to see Jacob. He tells her that it is dangerous but Bella is determined to go despite Edward’s protest. Meanwhile, Victoria is still after Bella due to her mate’s death in which Edward played a significant role in to save Bella’s life. Her father, Charlie tries to give her the sex talk as he notices the seriousness of Edward and Bella’s relationship but she assures him that she is being responsible. During one of Edward’s hunting trip, Bella escapes to La Push and Jacob and her catches up on things. Edward was devastated by her surprise visit that he almost broke the treaty that his entire family had made and the following day, Alice kidnaps Bella for a sleep over to keep her safe while Edward was hunting with his brothers and father. Rosalie tells her life story to Bella and advises her to make the right choice and to not waste her human life away. Edward reluntantly allows Bella to visit La Push anytime to avoid their relationship to be rocky. During one of her visit to La Push, Jacob kisses Bella on the lips and she punches him but only to end up with a broken wrist and Edward is angered by Jacob’s action that he warns Jacob. After graduation, Alice held a party for Bella and she has a vision of a war between the new born vampires and the Cullens for Bella’s life and the werewolves agree to help the Cullens. Bella and Edward discussed about the marriage condition and she agrees to marry him if he promises to make love to her even though he insists that it is dangerous if he loses control with her. They are forced to camp in the surrounding mountains to hide Bella while the war is happening. Jacob and Edward discusses about Bella and Jacob is devastated on the news of Edward and Bella’s wedding. She kisses him to keep him away from the war but he leaves her and Bella demands Edward to fight for her. Victoria appears with another vampire, Riley and Edward kills the both of them with the help of a young werewolf, Seth. Jacob was hurt as he saves Leah from a new born vampire and Bella meets Jacob at his house. He tells her of his feelings towards her but decides to stop fighting as he loves her and doesn’t want her to be hurt from fear of choosing between Edward and himself. Bella cries for days but promises to Edward to keep her promise. Edward sents a note and an invitation to Jacob for the wedding and Jacob runs away from La Push for some alone time.
The choice is extremely difficult but I would choose Eclipse as it has some heart breaking scenes in the book like when Jacob lets Bella go and I found myself in tears everytime I read this book. It also has the element of love and the intensity of Edward and Bella’s relationship increases until the end of the story

Movie Review: New Moon

On the 27 November 2009, I’d gone to Sunway Pyramid to catch the first showing of the day of the twilight saga: NEW MOON. It had been released the previous day in Malaysia but unfortunately I’d changed my plans to watch it on the first day due to the massive crowd that were as excited as I was to watch the most anticipated movie of the year. The adrenaline was pumping in my whole body that I’d found it difficult to concentrate on my life until my desire was fulfilled and I was not disappointed after watching it. The showing started at 10.45 am and I managed to enter the cinema in the nick of time as I’d queued up for a snack. The entire audiences that I watched the movie with were tolerant and I found myself so into the movie that I’d never managed to finish my popcorn despite ordering the smallest size. I also rarely blinked as the intensity of the movie caught me off guard even though I’d watched all three of the trailers and several extras from America(that were never released in Malaysia despite its high demands) The plot was strong and the heart-breaking part as Edward leaves Bella made me and I’m sure that most people would agree and left me sobbing and the love story was so beautiful that I found myself full of pity towards Jacob Black although I’d been a team Edward since I’d started reading the books. The actors of the werewolves were matching exactly as I’d pictured them and their huge abs kept many girls drooling in their seats. The best part was the cliff hanging ending when…caution to those who read on as this contains a spoiler that may ruin your happy watching… Edward proposes… YES he actually PROPOSES to Bella but she didn’t reply his question and I’m pretty sure that most of us know her answer or there wouldn’t be the two continuation books which are Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. The only disappointment that I felt was that there wasn’t much kissing scenes in the movie but maybe it’s to keep all the twilighters dying for more in the future movies and the actress of Emily wasn’t as I’d pictured her. She was supposed to be beautiful despite the long scars on her face but I guess that they did okay with their selection. The only confusing part for me was when Bella confronts the wolves’ packs and ends up slapping Paul and didn’t end up with a broken hand as you would read in Eclipse as she had punched Jacob after he’d kissed her, Bella ended up with a broken arm. Maybe the director of the movie had forgotten to read that part of the next book but it would confuse audiences during the next movie that is due to be released on the June, 30, 2010. I was on the edge of my seat as I’d been dying to watch the Volturi scene and despite the huge change in the story, I found it entertaining and fitting to the story. The acting of the actors and actresses has improved well in this movie. I love everything about Kristen in the movie from her hair to her readable body language and her matured makeup that they used in this movie. Her emotions in this story were well- interpreted by her and I felt the pain that Bella was truly feeling throughout the entire movie. Robert was a one of a kind actor and I’d always liked him since he first acted in Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. He has a godlike facial features and amazing hair that I was blown away. Even though he was barely acting much in this movie, he played his role well and I could capture the hardship that Edward was feeling through his acting. The most astonishing actor was Taylor who swept me off my feet with his performance and his huge and I mean HUGE abs in this movie. His dedication towards his fans and this movie was so inspiring to me as he packed 30 pounds for his role as Jacob Black. He seemed exactly like Jacob from his feeling of jealousy towards Edward and his love towards Bella. I still can’t believe that he’d changed so much and I would mind having him as my best friend.

In conclusion, the whole movie was a success thanks to the hard works of its director, Chris Weintz and the whole cast of the movie. Hopefully, Eclipse will be better and so will Breaking Dawn to take over the Harry Potter era but wait it already did thanks to its major fan bases from all over the world.



1) Bella rereads the note from Jacob which contained these words:
Yeah, I miss you too. A lot. Doesn’t change anything. Sorry.
She feel hurt after losing her friendship with Jake and rushes downstairs to help
Charlie to cook dinner. < Charlie can cook dinner??? Of course not.>
2) Bella is free from being grounded and receives an acceptance from the University of
Alaska Southeast. Edward appears at the door and Charlie turns grouchy once more.
< Poor Edward! Bet he’d wish that he couldn’t read mind especially not Charlie’s
after that fateful day he’d left Bella in a mess and returned to Forks but not before
Bella had saved him from the Volturi. Charlie is no longer Mr. Nice Guy!>
3) He talks to Bella and tries desperately to persuade Bella to apply to South Hampshire
but she remains stubborn. They talk about her future and Edward informs Bella of the
mysterious killings in Seattle were done by a newborn vampire who made headlines
in the newspaper.
4) Bella tries to persuade Edward to allow a visit to La Push to comfort Jacob as he was
in pain but Edward refuses in his attempt to protect Bella from harm especially since
Jacob was a young werewolf. < Can’t Bella get the hint that Edward can’t always be
There to save her? She always makes matters worse for everyone but if she didn’t
There would not be a book!!!>
5) Bella promises to keep herself from harm to Edward but vows to visit Jake somehow
as she feels responsible for Jake’s pain and wants to heal the pain. balanced her vow and promise as she managed to keep from harm’s way during her
visit to Jake’s house>

Anyway, Chapter 1 is over now!!! The review of Chapter 2 is coming up after the long break!!! Stay tuned for more reviews!!!

Movie Review: Avatar

Watched it a few weeks ago as one of my friends, Jay loved it so much. I watched the movie in the comfort of my own home and as the movie begun, I found the morality of the story to be touching but the storyline was not impressive at all!!! Here’s a summary for those of you who didn’t watch the movie at all.

1) Guy loses brother who happens to be more successful compared to hero guy. Brother
was working on a top secret project and thus hero is throw into this whirlpool of
corrupted Government servants.
2) Hero finds out about the Avatar project and is looked down by everyone and tries to
prove himself but ends up being known as arrogant.
3) Get lost in the strange planet and is attacked by a weird-looking animal. Hero is saved
a blue woman and she scolds him.
4) Hero is brought to the village and learns their way of living. He falls for the blue
woman and he finds out about the secret of the tree.
5) He tells the General and regrets later after hero realizes their plans to destroy the planet
to gain the energy from the tree. He is hated by everyone even blue woman.
6) Hero turns from zero to hero and leads the natives to attack the American base. They
win but the General attacks the hero’s human body and hero almost dies but blue
woman rushes to save him and he says “ I see you” to her which means that he loves
her, I think.
7) Hero changes to a Native for the blue woman and he remains blue for the rest of his


It was entertaining to watch but I felt that it didn’t deserve 11 nominations from the Emmy Award which explains the Hurt Locker’s big win that night. “Avatar” was only liked for its 3D effect and the lead actor, Sam Worthingham but I had to admit that his acting was pretty impressive. It does deserve a clap for its valuable lesson so that’s about all that I am able to conclude from the movie. Sadly, it failed to impress many but it was a good effort!!!
*Sorry to those Avatar fans whom maybe insulted by my review of the show but I have my opinion too!! I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it either!
Rating: 3 stars