Monday, June 7, 2010

Movie Review: Avatar

Watched it a few weeks ago as one of my friends, Jay loved it so much. I watched the movie in the comfort of my own home and as the movie begun, I found the morality of the story to be touching but the storyline was not impressive at all!!! Here’s a summary for those of you who didn’t watch the movie at all.

1) Guy loses brother who happens to be more successful compared to hero guy. Brother
was working on a top secret project and thus hero is throw into this whirlpool of
corrupted Government servants.
2) Hero finds out about the Avatar project and is looked down by everyone and tries to
prove himself but ends up being known as arrogant.
3) Get lost in the strange planet and is attacked by a weird-looking animal. Hero is saved
a blue woman and she scolds him.
4) Hero is brought to the village and learns their way of living. He falls for the blue
woman and he finds out about the secret of the tree.
5) He tells the General and regrets later after hero realizes their plans to destroy the planet
to gain the energy from the tree. He is hated by everyone even blue woman.
6) Hero turns from zero to hero and leads the natives to attack the American base. They
win but the General attacks the hero’s human body and hero almost dies but blue
woman rushes to save him and he says “ I see you” to her which means that he loves
her, I think.
7) Hero changes to a Native for the blue woman and he remains blue for the rest of his


It was entertaining to watch but I felt that it didn’t deserve 11 nominations from the Emmy Award which explains the Hurt Locker’s big win that night. “Avatar” was only liked for its 3D effect and the lead actor, Sam Worthingham but I had to admit that his acting was pretty impressive. It does deserve a clap for its valuable lesson so that’s about all that I am able to conclude from the movie. Sadly, it failed to impress many but it was a good effort!!!
*Sorry to those Avatar fans whom maybe insulted by my review of the show but I have my opinion too!! I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it either!
Rating: 3 stars

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