Monday, June 7, 2010



1) Bella rereads the note from Jacob which contained these words:
Yeah, I miss you too. A lot. Doesn’t change anything. Sorry.
She feel hurt after losing her friendship with Jake and rushes downstairs to help
Charlie to cook dinner. < Charlie can cook dinner??? Of course not.>
2) Bella is free from being grounded and receives an acceptance from the University of
Alaska Southeast. Edward appears at the door and Charlie turns grouchy once more.
< Poor Edward! Bet he’d wish that he couldn’t read mind especially not Charlie’s
after that fateful day he’d left Bella in a mess and returned to Forks but not before
Bella had saved him from the Volturi. Charlie is no longer Mr. Nice Guy!>
3) He talks to Bella and tries desperately to persuade Bella to apply to South Hampshire
but she remains stubborn. They talk about her future and Edward informs Bella of the
mysterious killings in Seattle were done by a newborn vampire who made headlines
in the newspaper.
4) Bella tries to persuade Edward to allow a visit to La Push to comfort Jacob as he was
in pain but Edward refuses in his attempt to protect Bella from harm especially since
Jacob was a young werewolf. < Can’t Bella get the hint that Edward can’t always be
There to save her? She always makes matters worse for everyone but if she didn’t
There would not be a book!!!>
5) Bella promises to keep herself from harm to Edward but vows to visit Jake somehow
as she feels responsible for Jake’s pain and wants to heal the pain. balanced her vow and promise as she managed to keep from harm’s way during her
visit to Jake’s house>

Anyway, Chapter 1 is over now!!! The review of Chapter 2 is coming up after the long break!!! Stay tuned for more reviews!!!

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