Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Tragic life of A Law Student, Christmas and Reign!!!

Christmas has officially ended with a BANG for me and was exhausting as I had to visit many relatives as well as balance my classes!!! The perks of being Asian, having many many many relatives which means more presents for me!!!

Anyways, MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL!!!! I do hope everyone is having a loooooooooong break because I will be using my holiday period to study and try to catch up...The unfortunate life of a law student!!!

Basically, never have any year been more important than my final year as I need to obtain at least a second class lower in order to do CLP (Certificate of Legal Practice) and right now, I am not even 2% ready for any subject so yeah, this year is going to be a killer unless I can catch up in 9 days!!!!

So true right now because there is too much to be done!!!

Enough about my sad and tragic life, I wanted to ramble about the latest season of Reign because I am still hooked on it (the only joy in my life right now) 

French Court has never been sexier until now!!

Mary and Francis are finally crowned King and Queen of France, Lola is back at French Court with her new son who is claimed by Francis because he can't part with his son and totally disregards Mary's advise until she had to give in to his demands since he's King (I really hate this sex discrimination thing!!!!) Catherine is still Catherine only now she is seeing ghost of her dead husband and children (Totally normal right???) Mary has a new suitor who can't seem to resist her because he loves going after married women. Oh, and there's a new villian in Season 2 who is charmed by Lola.
French Court has never been more deadly!!!
Just another normal day in French Court...

Phew...that was a mouthful!!! And this Season just keeps making me annoyed at Francis' stupidity that I just want him to die and replace him with a stronger King because honestly, how can the writer make Francis so feeble minded this Season??? I get that he looooooves Mary and wants to protect her but Mary is tougher than she looks!!!! She survived much more than Francis ever did and he's just ruining everything they have!!!!

Mary faces two major events this Season and I really think the writer wants to weaken Mary a little since she has been growing stronger every episode thanks to the craziness in French Court...

The calm before the storm!!!
First, she loses the baby that she's carrying and my heart was bleeding at that sad moment!!! I mean I would have loved to see Mary pregnant for a few more episodes since that is what Mary and Francis have been longing for but alas it only lasted for a few minutes in the duration of one episode. And the worse part is it happens during the christening of Lola and Francis' baby so it was like rubbing salt in the wound!!!

Next, Mary gets raped and the scene was quite graphical that I found myself feeling horrified for Mary since she is a Queen and a woman which is the worst thing that could happen even today...I was screaming inside as to why Mary had to be the one to suffer such a horrible fate when all along she has been good and loyal to Francis!!! 
This isn't going to end well!!
Lola is basically annoying as per usual because she keeps thinking she's being punished for one mistake that is sleeping with Francis which resulted in her baby that she keeps trying to run away from everyone who cares about her!!!!She makes herself seem so pitiful when technically she did it to herself and she has a new love interest who also happens to be Francis' nemesis...Can Lola just replace Aylee who died in Season 1??? At least Aylee was a loyal friend who doesn't backstab Mary then blames it on everyone else!!!!

This season makes me miss the good old season one where it wasn't so crazy but I guess the writers decided to go a little wild to draw more audiences but I do wish that they wouldn't deviate soooo much from history because this is just factually inaccurate!!!!


If Mary dies, you may be Queen!!!