Monday, June 25, 2012

Working Out!!!

So, I started working out again and...Well, let's just say I'm not as fast as I was two years ago...Which girl has two thumbs and has put on weight???

Even Jennifer agrees with me!!!

Now, my body is aching because some genius decided to go crazy and speed up the treadmill all the way to 8.4 on the second day of my workout so now I'm suffering but the good thing is I am more energetic and active (At least I think so) plus I feel fit although it might take a while for the results to show but here's a few tips in case you decide to exercise to remove some excess fat... Well, I don't have excess fat but more like a little chubbiness so I'm trying to lose at least 5 kg this year so wish me luck and I'll let you know if my workout works!!!

Tip #1
Have proper clothings to exercise (No bikini or jeans!!!) 
Try wearing breathable clothes like maybe shorts and a simple shirt or tank top and why breathable you ask??? Well, let me put this in a simple way, when you exercise, you sweat and what happens when you sweat??? YES, YOU STINK!!! Try standing out in the hot sun during summer for half an hour (Don't forget your sunscreen if you do try it!!!) and amplify the sweat and smell by 10 times or more and need I say more???
I totally agree but what do expect to happen when you exercise??? Marshmellows???
Tip #2
 Get yourself some shoes (Don't forget to wear thin socks!!!)
Firstly, don't ask me a dumb question on why you need shoes and I'm talking about those running shoes not those insanely high heels or flats because even an infant knows what shoes are for!!! How do expect to walk on the treadmills barefooted??? Worse case senario is you could slip on your own sweat and fall, hitting your head and getting hurt further so yeah, try it if you dare but you've been warned!!!) And don't try to be funny and wear shoes without socks because honestly, that is just gross!!! And remember to wash those socks after your intensive workout because they really STINK and I'm speaking from personal experience so just trust me!!!

Tip #3
Prepare all your equipments before you start
Speaking from personal experience,  do make a list before you start exercising because there should be NO DISTRACTIONS for your full workout...You don't want go workout halfway and decide to get your water bottle and 5 minutes later, run upstairs for a handkerchief to wipe your sweat, 5 minutes after that, to get your mp3 player and handphone and the next 5 minutes after that, to get a watch...Prepare all these things before you enter your gym so you won't have any excuse to leave that room until your time is up!!! Trust me, it works to have no distractions but just you and the machine in that room!!!

Tip #4
Drink plenty of water
Do this before, during and after your workout, remember to keep yourself hydrated but do not drink it immediately when you stop for a break because you'll feel like puking plus do not stop yourself from drinking if you're thirsty, your body is SCREAMING for water SO DRINK IT!!! Water won't make you fat so drink more water!!! No eating snacks as you workout (Duh!) 

Tip #5 
Do have appropriate time allocated for your breaks...
3 minutes should be enough time for you to rest after a few laps to drink some water or even sit down but DO NOT SIT DOWN IMMEDIATELY unless you want to scream around in pain due to cramps...Actually it would be better if you don't sit down because trust me, you wouldn't want to workout when your butt touches any surface to rest...GET THAT BUTT TO STAY UP FOR AT LEAST THAT 30 MINUTES OF INTENSIVE WORKOUT!!! My grandmother can stand longer than that and she's more than 70+++ years old!!! 

Oh and your workout will also be easier if you play your really fun playlist suitable to pump up your energy and get you going!!! My playlist is more korean because the beats are unbelieveably funky and awesome!!! Allow me to share a few tracks with you!!!

Let's Dance people!!!

1. Super Junior- Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, Mr Simple, A Cha
2. SNSD (Girls Generation)- Paparazzi, Hoot, Mr. Taxi, The Boys
3. Secret-Madonna, Magic, Love Is Move
4. 4Minute-Huh, I My Me Mine, Change, Mirror Mirror, Volume Up
5. F(x)- Electric Shock
6. After School- Because Of You, Bang, Flashback

That's all for now!!! Thanks for reading and I hope this tips will um...get you all in shape too!!! Let me know if it works out for you!!!


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