Thursday, June 14, 2012

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Previews!!!

Okay, I know that I said that Hunger Games is way better than the Twilight Saga but...Big But coming, I never said I was over The Twilight Saga!!! So, here are some sneak peek from Breaking Dawn Part 2 and gah, the pictures look pretty good and I love Kristen as a vampire!!! She looks soooo hot in these shots and need I say more for Robert Pattinson????

The new additions to the Cullen clan: Bella and her half-vampire and um...half-human child, Renesmee plus Edward and gosh, they look so good together it's no wonder they ended up together in real life!!!

And why's Renesmee hiding??? Come out to play, Renesmee!!!

You know what would be interesting is to combine the Hunger Games and the Twilight Saga...Oh wait, bad idea because the vampires will probably just end up biting and killing all the human tributes but the good news is, they would probably just kill off the Capitol too which means the story would be cut by more than half because everyone will just end up dead or turned to a vampire...


Now, if only my family portrait could look like that! I mean sometimes I would rather not take the picture because photographers have this really annoying habit of taking pictures when people aren't ready!!! And when you ask them to take again, they just take another wrong picture of you so yeah, you might as well had not taken the second shot's pointless!!!

Extended family picture??? Okay, I just can't imagine someone that BIG like Jacob with a little girl like Renesmee!!! I mean...I get that they will never get old and eventually Renesmee will stop growing's JUST WEIRD!!! Most people would say phedophile and yeah, I guess in a way it does look like that...

And now, the rest of the vampire clan!!!


And...there's more pictures from the movie....

In my next post because I think I exceeded the limit of uploading pictures already...Hehe!!!!


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