Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Random Facts About The One And ONLY ME!!!

Remind me next time not to post anything relating to my butt as my latest Facebook status unless I want my crazy friends to comment all about MY BUTT!!! No, seriously, they were doing it and it was...awkward!!! Like Elaine was describing my BUTT in full detail because yeah, get this right, people!!! She HARASSED MY BUTT in Secondary School so yeah, thank god I don't go to the same college and Uni or my butt would be in trouble!!! See, I have a touching issue and let's get this straight, ME NO LIKEY PEOPLE TOUCHING ME!!!

Plus I find PDA a little too much because We all get that you're with a guy you really really like but honestly, can you just keep that a little less public and more PRIVATE???

So, here a a few random facts about me that I'm willing to share...

1. I don't like people coming up to me and trying to hit on me when I don't know who they are...

Seriously, I mean how is it that in American movies, it looks so easy and cool to do...Girl meets guy in club, they dance and flirt, they fall for one another..And bam, you know the rest...They live happily ever after and...sometimes not so happily ever after!!! Maybe it's because clubs aren't actually a place to meet people because everyone's all drunk after a few drinks plus how do people breathe in clubs??? The last time I went I was breathing in everyone's 'perfume' and trust me, some people need to change their 'perfume' badly because IT'S BAD!!!

2. I'm a total sucker for love stories but if you ask me, I'll deny everything...Hey, I'm a chick so I can't help it!! Plus the guys in the books are just SOOOO...perfect and some guys in real life aren't sooo book-like if you get what I mean and this is why people, I won't find a guy for a really long time...

3. Some days I stand in front of the mirror and I see a pretty decent lady in it but some days I think to myself, I should lose some weight and is that a pimple???

4. I'm a total hypocrite and I won't deny it!!! Allow me to explain, sometimes I say I hate a song and after a while, the song will be on my music playlist but if you ask me, I will be like "What's this song doing in here?" or "My friend must have transferred the song to my phone to annoy me" or even "Oh my gosh, I must have downloaded the wrong song!!!"

So, call me a hypocrite all you want but at least I'm honest!!! I bet most of you also do the same thing and you're secretly nodding as you read this!!!

5. Out loud I say I hate shopping and put up a fuss but sometimes I love getting new clothes...

I know I keep saying that I don't get why some girls need so many pairs of shoes or even clothes and...I STILL DON'T GET IT but I do like shopping at times because there's nothing wrong with changing styles and it's great for your self esteem too!!!

6. I hate the colour pink but I LOVE LOVE LOVE strawberries and they're PINK!!!

I know that it's odd but it's totally the truth!!! See, I hate pink because it's just sooo...PINK and girlish!!! I don't get how my sister love pink so much??? I've always been a blue lover but sometimes I fall for pink stuff too...I saw a really cute pink Elle hangbag a while back but looking at the price reminded me why I hated pink!!! It was RM 1000+++!!! Are you freaking kidding me??? For one bag which I might end up dirtying and scratching in a few months time and it cost say what??? I think I'm seeing stars just knowing the price of the bag but it was pretty cute!!!

7. I LOVE SLEEPING!!! Like I can sleep anywhere and anytime!!! Okay, scratch that out please because my mum's going to kill me for saying that  now that she knows the truth of what I get up to in college and uni!!!Trust me, my friends will testify and tell you that it's all true that I can sleep ANYWHERE!!!I could be writing notes in class and the next moment, I would be asleep!!! Gah, I'll need a lot of caffeine in me if I'm going to last 4 whole years of doing my degree and CLP that I'm going to start looking like a coffee bean!!!

8. I love wearing heels because it makes me feel sexy and confident but I can't say I feel good when the heels come off!!!

I salute those dancers who can dance with heels because it's crazy!!! My feet are killing me after wearing heels for a few hours but I can't imagine dancing in them everyday!!!

Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally. - Christian Louboutin
Says the GUY who created all the killer heels and they are not called KILLER HEELS FOR NOTHING!!! I mean if I were to kidnap a girl wearing those heels, I would change my mind and go for a girl in flats!!! Have you seen the heels on those shoes??? I could die of being stabbed but the worse that a girl in flats can do is to throw the flats at you which is pointless because it's so flat that it'll just hit me on the head or she could hit you multiple times with the flats but it would be useless!!! A girl in heels could stab, wound, hurt and etc every part of you so potential kidnappers, be smart!! And ladies, we should all start wearing killer heels as a defence weapon so kidnappers will stop attack us ladies!!!Who's the tough one now???

9. I hate feeling cold but I hate feeling hot...

Even I can't understand my own body...Some days I'm freezing and some days I feel hot!!! I don't mean feeling sexy hot but more like the HOT HOT...THE HEAT HOT!!!

10. I hate answering the phone...

I hate phone calls because
a) I don't want to fry my brain due to the magnetic rays although my mum says it takes a long period of time to do so
b) I can't hear what people are saying
c) some people just love screaming in the phone

I know texting unables you to express yourself but honestly I'd rather text than to call because texting saves money plus you can type out everything you wanna say...Unless that person you're texting loves to use short form like this...

Is tis u?M w8in 2 c u in canteen, stting at tbl so hurry up!!!

I mean hello, that just shows how cheap you are that you can't even bother to text a text that makes sense!!

And that's all I have time for plus I have no idea what else to write about to share but let's just go with the lack of time excuse!!!Hehe!!!


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