Friday, March 30, 2012

Oh, Happy Days!!

So, it's a Friday, Friday...Gonna get down on Friday!!! Oh no, Rebecca Black has gotten to me!!! Gah, what's wrong with me besides the usual insanity??? So, happy happy Friday and may we have a jolly good time at TGIF!!! Wait, why is it that I only usually go to TGIF on a Saturday??? Maybe they should consider renaming it because it doesn't seem to make sense now...Oh, now I feel like eating their pasta and I'm drooling on my keyboard so yeah, how am i suppose to sleep now when I'm thinking of food???

So, today was a little tiring because I was stuck with doing boring adult stuff like requesting for my study loan (Yuck, now I know why adults get tired and restless all the time!!!) and I had to walk all over the place just to get one FREAKING number!!! Yes, I'm dead serious!!! ONE FREAKING NUMBER that the bank missed out!!! How is that even possible???

So, I was stuck at KL Central for 1 and a half hours, rotting plus maybe doing a little shopping but hey, that's a secret between us because I'm not supposed to be spending my money on stuff like that...Usually I just get my mum to buy things for me so yeah, that's actually a great way to save money...Until your parents find out your whole plan and darn it, I totally told everyone my brilliant plan and my mum's probably going to stop buying clothes for me once she reads this...If she still remembers how to visit my blog...

And I went window shopping for shoes and are you kidding me??? Why are shoes so FREAKING expensive??? Is it made out of gold or something because honestly, I wouldn't spend that much to wear something on my feet because
1) I'm not insane
2) I'm NOT INSANE!!!
3) Chances are I am probably going to break the heels so why even bother spending so much???

And my friends decided to start sharing random photos of themselves on Facebook so yeah, I was totally just trying to bug them since I haven't done it in ages... And that reminded me of my webcam since everyone's always using theirs to snap their pics...I think my webcam isn't working anymore because
a) I don't know how to use it
b) I don't think I ever used it since I got my laptop
c) It probably saw my face and died...Hehe!!!

And since someone said that lawyers will get bitten on their butt for lying so much and helping bad guys escape so their marriages may not be good thanks to a friend called Karma...Honestly, I don't believe in it but I do believe that if you do good things, good things will come to you and vice versa....And yeah, the world is running out of HOT GUYS!!!

And it's at times like this that I wish I was a Disney Princess because man, the guys in these movies are just so good!!!

What happened to all the good guys anyway???

Eric: Really??? The world has more girls than guys???
Aladdin: I'm not impressed unless Jasmine starts to gain weight and can't belly dance anymore...Then, I don't mind more females because more for me!!!
Shang: Guys, let's defend ourselves for the huge number of females!!!
Aurora's Prince: I love girl who sleep so pretty!!!
Tarzan: What is this female you speak of?
Prince Charming: What??? Where have you been not to know the female species??? In a jungle?
The Beast: I guess that's why so many guys want to be girls so they can blend in...
Hercules: As long as I have more fans, I'm cool with the growing number of females!!!
Snow White's Prince: Oh god, why are these so many females these days???

Hehe!!! Just a little joke for myself...Have a great weekend, guys!!!


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