Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Little Miss Perfect, I Don't Think So!!!

Okay, I'm back again to ramble about my life and yeah, something is bugging me and it's annoying!!! How many more people have you lied to like you did to me anyway??? Those times you said you trusted me like a close friend, was it just a joke to you anyway??? And yeah, here's a little tip to you, you don't need to go telling the whole world what you're up to every second of the day because it's kind of sickening.... Sorry, I needed to get some steam off my chest because I was reminded by someone who was formerly my friend or so I thought....

You mistook me as just someone who would just take all the ignorance from you but I moved on and you're back again??? Like seriously, why can't you just go away for once??? And now you think you're little Miss Perfect trying to squeeze your way in with my friends??? Here's the thing, I don't think so because I'm not your second option whenever you're looking for a friend and maybe you think that I'm as quiet as I used to be but the truth is...I'm not!!! So don't go messing with my nerves girl because Imma bite you if you come any closer!!!

Much better now....Ah, seriously, why must I always meet someone who loves to hurt me and use me like I'm that easy??? Not this time because I've changed to become stronger and nothing you say can hurt me anymore!!!

Imma kick you out of my life, Miss Perfect and I'm sorry for not being perfect but hey, my imperfection is what makes me special so go ahead and say what you want but words don't hurt me anymore!!!

Yeah, I'm probably going to feel awkward after this post since I'm not usually...insane and mad but I just needed to let everything off and IT worked!!!

Thanks for reading my hate post and sorry that I had to show everyone this side of me!!! Stay tuned for my next post which will be less crazy...Hehe!!!


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