Friday, March 23, 2012

A Whole Week In KL!!!

Wow, what a busy week that I had which I will shortly explain why I had shortly disappeared without a word for almost this whole week and if you're wonder why my blog suddenly updated itself with many post it's because I'm updating for you all so enjoy my rambling!!! First, I need to finish filling up that UOL form before I miss the deadline because a) I'm always doing things last minute and b) I write really slow which would explain why I prefer to blog since it's NOT writing or I wouldn't be updating so often!!! Want to know what's really odd about that one condition on that form, they're actually asking me to consider taking an english test just so I can sit for a freaking exam!!!! Are you pulling my leg here because I don't do one exam just to sit for another exam that's probably going to shorten my life with all the stress that I'm going to have to endure for the last few months before the exam thanks to my bad habit of procrastinating (Yeah, I really should stop doing that before I really die of stress overdose!!!)

Me, taking an English test!!!! I got a freaking A, people and it was even from Cambridge so why do I need to take another test??? Aren't I speaking or typing English at this very moment???? Boy, that really pulled my strings!!! I'm fine now, really...I just needed to release some of this feelings inside me before I explode into little tiny pieces of me!!!

So, wondering what I have been up to these few days??? Well, I was actually at KLCC with my family as well as rushing to my classes in uni so yeah, note to self: never wear heels if you're planning to run around!!! Trust me, your feet will kill you that very night because I think I feel a blister coming along now!!!! So, I was actually on a little vacation and here are a few pictures just a preview of my trip!!!

The pride of Malaysia: The twin towers!!! This was taken by me because I was bored!!!

This is my new car because I've been a really good girl!!! Just kidding, it's just a model of the real racing car and boy was I drooling badly!!! This bad boy was the star of the show and I LOVED IT!!! My sister had to literally drag me out of that place!!!

Another shot of the twin towers as my sister and I were walking to Suria KLCC for a little fun and dinner too!!!

Look closely and you'll see one of the twin tower reflected on the glass of that building!!! This was taken in my hotel room and yeah, I was dying of boredom that I was taking random shots of things!!


Stay tuned for more updates on my little vacation!!!'And happy birthday to my mum today!!! Hehe!!!


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