Monday, March 5, 2012

Here We Go Again!!!

Happy Monday peeps!!! Did I mention how wonderful it is because...well, I wasn't sleepy AT ALL in my criminal law class for the first time!!! HURRAY let's celebrate!!! Anyway, what was on my mind today is something that my mum was talking about...MAKEOVER!!!

Okay, I may not be the first person you ask about...MAKEUP because well, I don't use any so too bad but I think a little makeover wouldn't be so bad...As in new clothes, shoes and maybe a little accessories to give look!!! On the other hand, I'm bad at this topic so let's forget about it!!!

And...AMERICAN IDOL has started!!! I'm so happy that my favorites have made it through this far to the Top 13...At least some of them made it....This year is actually one that I'm looking forward to because...Where are all the Awesome talents coming from??? Are you serious??? Wanna know who's on my mind as the next American Idol???

Let's do a little American Idol session here!!!

Introducing your host for today, ME!!! And let's dim the lights and let's go!!!

Yeah, the joy of being in the Top 13 is seen on everyone's faces but the competition starts on Thursday so let the best man or woman win!!!!

First, we have the incredibly talented and the guy with the looks as well as the perfect commercial voice, Mr. Colton Dixon and yeah, he's one of my ABSOLUTE FAV because he's just too good!!! I do hope he makes it to the finals or Imma throw my pillow at the tv...Or not...My mum would kick my butt if I ruin her flat screen so yeah, bad idea unless I have a death wish!!!

Please let him win!!! Please!!! So, grab that phone of yours and VOTE!!! Wait, erm...not now but when the lines are open because I really, really, really want him to WIN!!! For crying out loud, the man sang DECODE!!!! Decode by Paramore and stood on the piano!!!

Where does that big voice come from??? I mean look at HER!!! She's tiny and yet, she sings so well!!!!

Wanna hear a great song that I'm addicted to???

I love this duet because Jade and Tori finally sang together!!! I've been waiting for this for AGES so yeah, strong song for all the ladies out there because I heard it's gonna be International Women Day so yeah, here's to the ladies!!!!

Who run the world??? GIRLS!!!!

That was FUN!!! Time for me to go now!!! Remember to leave a comment for me!!!


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