Saturday, May 26, 2012

Colton as Finnick Odair???

I just thought of something really random and okay, it will probably NEVER EVER EVER happen but...please do not kill me for suggesting this but...I think...I FOUND THE FINNICK THAT I WANT!!! You'll never figure out who I picked because honestly, it was pretty random and I know it is so...Please don't say I told you so or I'll go over there to kick your butt, people!!!

And if you're asking who the heck Finnick is, please please please get out of that dark cave wherever you're living under and find (Or buy) the Hunger Games books to read!!! How can you ask who Finnick is??? It's like asking a girl why she has to dress up every time she goes out of her house!!!

You know Finnick from Hunger Games who totally stole my heart...Forget Gale or Peeta if I can just...just get a piece of him...Well, he did die a tragic death of being torn to bites but I don't want him to die!!! I was sooo crushed when he died!!! I mean, COME ON!!! What was Suzanne Collins thinking when she wrote that part??? How can you kill such a cute and hot guy in a cruel way???

Anyway, as I was saying before I rudely interupted myself was...who do I think should play Finnick Odair???
It's none other than....


 If you say who again, Imma go over to where you are right now and throw my shoes at you although technically I am not wearing shoes at this exact moment but you get what I mean...

Still not sure who I am talking about...


Yes, him!!! From American Idol Season 11 and I know he's not exactly an exact match to Finnick's description but...WHO CARES??? I would pay RM 8 just to watch him act in the Huger Games and maybe even do his singing on the movie...Okay, I know that it's a little impossible but a girl can dream!!! Yeah, which is what I might end up dreaming of tonight...

I don't care if everyone thinks I am wrong's called freedom of opinion so take that, Colton Dixon haters!!! And just to show you how perfect he is, allow me to show some pictures of his in the American Idol finale...

Don't you think I look a little like Finnick minus the hair???
Do I have to sing until my heart literally bleeds to get the role???

If I can make it through American Idol, I can make it in the Hunger Games!!!

So, what do you think???

Okay, I know it's a long shot but I just couldn't help it plus I wouldn't mind having another candy for my eyes when I watch Catching Fire next year!!!

 Or Maybe I should lay off the sugar so I'm not so hyper...


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