Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wedding and Ugly Dresses???

What's wrong with Facebook??? I can't log in at all and frankly it's getting a little tiring to read the 'Problem Loading Page' for the dozen time already!! LOAD YOU FACEBOOK!!! Come on, just because the CEO of Facebook (What's his name again???) is married DOES NOT MEAN Facebook should stop working!!! So what if he created Facebook from some idea he had in college because that does not give him rights to stop Facebook from working because life goes on!!!

And he's making millions already so find someone to run it for this one day that he's gone!!! It's not like he can't afford it with the millions and MILLIONS AND MILLIONS that he makes!!!

And speaking of weddings, I just realized something really odd and no, it's not about how come the bride looks so radiant and how did they style her hair (Fine, I am dying to learn those styles since I love playing with my hair!!!) but...what are the bridemaids wearing???

Like some people just love torturing their bridesmaid on their special day just so they don't outshine the bride but SERIOUSLY???  Why would you ruin all the pictures from your special day with those really horrible dresses so you can look pretty???? I don't seem to understand how that makes your special day..Well, special...Honestly, if I were to be married, the last thing I would do is to put someone through torture just so I can look beautiful!!! It's crazy and yeah, I don't think outshining the bride is anyone's fault if they're born pretty or have a sexy body but don't wear anything that sexy and you'll be fine!!!

It's already bad enough that planning the wedding takes FOREVER so can't you just dress the bridesmaid so it doesn't look like you ran out of time or EVEN MONEY???

If my sister were to do that to me when she gets married, Imma rip that dress into shreds because I will NEVER EVER EVER be caught in such an ugly dress...

 So, lesson learnt if you want to look pretty on your special day, just friend ugly people so you won't have to try so hard..Okay, not what I mean but sorry it was from a movie I watched and it just came out...Wrong saying because EVERYONE'S beautiful and special in their own way!!!

Beautiful Reception/Dinner

Beautiful Couple
Beauty and the Beasts???


                                                If this is pretty, I don't wanna know what ugly looks like!!!                                                                     



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