Monday, May 28, 2012

Hunger Games the Games And Victorious preview!!!

Sorry about not posting yesterday but I was not feeling well but today, I guess I feel a little better but with a really annoying headache that feels like someone's squeezing my little head but I'd rather take that than lie around like a dead corpse in my mum's office like yesterday.... Believe me, people really thought that I was dead because I was fast asleep on her sofa bed and wasn't even moving!!! Thank god I feel better now so thank you, God for that!!!

I know that I am suppose to study for the upcoming mock test that's taking place next week but hello, I am just going to use the excuse that I'm not feeling well so I don't need to study today...Plus I didn't bring my books because I was sick this morning so what am I suppose to study???

So, let me show what I've been up to these few days...
What do you think of the game version???
And just when you thought the Hunger Games ended for now until November 2013 (I could die waiting!!!), you have the game on Facebook!!!!

You have Katniss, Gale, Peeta and the rest of the Hunger Games crew in cartoon version and they actually look pretty cute as cartoons!!! Haha!!! Okay, anyway, about the game, well, it pretty much like any other Facebook game and you get to explore the whole Panem in this game...I'm not too sure what else is in store as I am only on level 33 but I'm almost done with Chapter 9!!! Plus you get to collect points (See, the star over there???) but...BUT the only problem that I have about the game is that it takes sooooo freaking long to load more energy and I am sitting here, growing a beard while waiting...
What are we waiting for???

  And...I just watched the latest episode of Victorious and it's sooooo good!!! Here's a preview!!!

Yes, people!!! No joke!!! This is from the "Tori Goes Platinum" episode!!!

 How did things end up like this, you ask??? Stop asking me and go check out the latest episode!!! Frankly for me, I think Beck and Tori would make a cute couple because Beck totally understands Tori and he's just a really great friend with great hair!!! Hehe!!! Plus, he could use a down-to-earth girl like Tori who wouldn't overreact like Jade...I like Beck and Jade together too but...there's just too much fighting in the way and Jade's a little insecure when it comes to Beck and his popularity and I love Jade being totally independent for a change!!!

I hope that Beck and Tori ends up together soon!!! cute!!! One of the best episode so far!!! Check it out people!!!


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