Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's Another Monday!!!

So, it's the beginning of the week again and in case you've been living under a rock these few days or even weeks, it's a MONDAY!!! And guess what that means??? Okay, I have no idea what Monday means but the first few words that pop into my head is....

TIRED. MERLIN. UNI. 4 more days left before the week ends again!!!

And Victorious!!! Gah, I'm watching the 5th episode of season 3 as I'm typing right now...Yeah, not really a good idea so excuse me if there's any spelling error!!! I love Kat's button!!!
It reads: "I'm sad, ask me why"

So, what as I up to during the weekend??? Hmm...well, I did help my mum and sister clean our storeroom and it's FULL OF MEMORIES!!! I'm totally serious, there was like pictures of us and other old stuff and it was like a museum!!! And you know how much I love historical things!!! A LOT!!!

I even found my old kindergarten graduation picture in one of the box!!! Wow, I was so small back then and now....hmm, let's just leave you all guessing what comes next in that line!!!

And yesterday, I got my early birthday present from my mummy!!! Hehe!!! It was all worth it though since I bought two cute overcoats and a brand new pair of jeans!!! Imma post a pic soon!!! And I'm one lucky girl because I've got a heart doughnut!!! Hehe!!! The pictures are stuck in my phone right now so I'll post it later!!!

Check out this video because I think I'm in love with Jae Bum's singing!!! He looks so cute when he smiles, like a cute hamster!!! And guess how old he actually is???? 18 years old and that's like 1 year younger than me!!! I feel like a cougar right now but he's just...SOOOO CUTE!!!

I'm just a girl so yeah, I think I'm going nuts here!!! My dumb hormones make me nuts sometimes!!!

Time for me to do some serious work before I forget!!! Until next time, bye!!!


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