Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Angry Birds and Secret Mission: Interesting!!!

I'm flinging birds at PIGS FOR FUN!!! Honestly, this is actually the first time that I've played Angry Birds and I was trying to figure out the logic of throwing birds at PIGS!!! Many questions kept popping in my head everytime I fling a bird and yeah, who doesn't think that's weird right???

1. Why are we throwing birds at pigs??? If we did it in real life, we'll probably be arrested so yeah, it's not something NORMAL people would do but hey, since I've never claimed to be NORMAL, what the heck right???
2. Why are the pigs green??? The last time I checked, pigs were pinkish in color and they don't look that cute!!!
3. Why would pigs steal the birds' eggs anyway??? To make an omelet??? Can pigs even eat egg???
4. Why not throw rocks instead of birds??? I don't get what the creator was thinking...
5. Why is it so fun to kill the pigs by squashing them with weird structures??? Maybe we're all as sadistic and it's fun to watch something die so cruelly...I actually cheered when I squashed the pigs with wood!!!
6. What were the pigs thinking by building insecure structures to hide??? It's like suicide!!! The pigs should seriously study architecture!!!

I doubt the creator thought logically or there probably wouldn't be any Angry Birds in the world, more like angry people...But honestly, am I the only one who finds the game's logic totally off???

Time to meet Xheylie after so long tomorrow and she'd better make it or Imma punch her!!! Yup, we're on a secret mission tomorrow and our job is to enter and exit quietly from the mission area...I feel like a spy now except if I were a real spy, I probably wouldn't be blogging about my mission here...

Time to eat now since my tummy is rumbling like crazy!!!


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