Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hot Vampire Pics heating up my day???

I'm back again and what shall I ramble on and on about this time??? OMG, is Facebook actually shutting down for real this year??? GASP!!! What is wrong with Zuckerberg??? Is that how you spell his name??? Anyway, why would you want to shut down a REALLY, REALLY, REALLY popular site??? Did he hit his head hard because what would the world be without FACEBOOK!!!

*horror music plays*

Thank you my little crazy brain for that dramatic music!!! Now back to Facebook senario, what in the world does he want by shutting down FACEBOOK??? Ok, I'm calm...I'm calm, I'm good... NO!!! I"M NOT OKAY!!! FACEBOOK IS DYING!!! That's better now. So, to those who know whether this rumor is true or false, PLEASE tell me because it's killing me here!!!

Is that the face of a man who would kill the most popular site??? Why so serious, Mark Zuckerberg???

And have you people seen the latest updates from the Vampire Diaries cast??? Can you say Sexy because these pictures are so sexy that I'm SPEECHLESS!!!

Don't believe me about that then check it out but warning: These pictures may cause eyes to stay glued to the screens for hours due to its sexiness so stare at your own risk peeps!!!


This is just the beginning of the sexiness...Don't you just love how pretty Nina is??

Yeah, I would say that she's the luckiest girl ALIVE with two sexy guys beside her!!!

The sexiest pair EVER!!! I'm rooting for Team Stelena until the end of the series!!! Sorry Damon but Stefan is just too HOT!!!

And I would say that every girl in the world who watches Vampire Diaries is so envious of Nina right now because I know I AM!!! Hehe!!! Go Team Stelena!!!

Sorry if you're not a Team Stelena but I LOVE THEM BOTH TOGETHER!!!

Yeah, she's actually with him in real life but I liked her better with Paul Wesley...There's always a couple in real life from these vampire shows/movies... Let's see, Robert is with Kristen: Twilight Saga, Anna with her vampire in True Blood and now, Nina and Ian from Vampire Diaries...I still like the other Salvatore brother for some weird reason...

Okay, that's enough hot stuff for a day!!! Imma open a window to let all the heat out because it's hot here...

If you need me, I'll be looking for a pool to cool off in this hot weather and hot pictures courtesy of Entertainment Weekly...Time for another dose of Vampire Diaries to kick off my day...Till then, have fun, peeps!!!


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