Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fridays at the Edge of Glory???

Oh yeah, I'm back people and if you are wondering why I was MIA well, I had to study for my Economics test and it was still darn tough so I should have just came online to update my blog then...My test is OVER for now but I have a second test next Wednesday...I hate exams!! Curse the person who came up with exams to torture students... Okay, he's dead so I shouldn't speak ill of the dead...Sorry...

What am I up to these days??? Hmmm...I'm not quite sure because I do random things whenever I want to fill my time... Oh yeah, The Mother Monster is BACK!!! With her new video and I been dying to watch the video since my house internet connection is killing me like I can grow a beard just waiting...See how bad it is???

Watch the Mama monster do her thing with me!!!

In case you wonder why a girl like me LOVE Lady Gaga well, need I say more about my obsession with her??? She's like this really Great investment and if I were to invest in her, I would be rich!!! Money, money, money!!! Money makes the world go around!!!

And next, I love this next song...Katy Perry's Last Friday Night...

1. I love FRIDAYS!!! It's the last day of the week!!!
2. The lyrics are so F.U.N!!!

Wait, did you guys spot Rebecca Black in the video???? OMG!!! What is she doing there??? Well, now that her Friday video is off, she's guest starring in other people's music video??? Yes, for those of you who are trying to watch the Friday song, IT"S GONE!!!! We are saved because that song is so annoying...Except the Glee version...Maybe it's because of the autotuning...Too much of it...

today is Thursday and tomorrow is....FRIDAY!!!! YEAH!!! Time to blast my radio out loud with Last Friday night and hopefully, score a bonus by annoying my sister...OMG!!! What did Rebecca do because she looks better now??? Maybe I should dress up as a geek to college tomorrow...Hehe!! Just for fun I mean it would be so FUN!!!!

I better go off now!!! My seniors are staring...more like glaring at me for typing too loudly...Bye people and stay tuned for more updates soon...


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