Saturday, June 4, 2011

Shopping and Dressing up!!!

So, I went out for breakfast with my father and my older sister at our usual hang out spot and we ate Dim Sum which are these really cute dumplings I think that's the best way to describe it...It's a Chinese dish and it is really DELICIOUS!!! As we were walking around the street, my dad spotted this boutique with quite a pretty prom dress at the window and we decided to explore the store!!! That's one of the reasons I love my father so much because he loves to check out new places and I think I have also followed in his path because I love wandering around new places too!!!

We went in the store and there were like many dresses for any occasion whether it's formal wear or even casual wear and the main reason we went in was because we were looking for a prom dress for my sister and we found LOTS!!! She tried a few but they weren't what she wanted so my father decided to ask me to try the dresses and before I knew it, I was in the dressing room with more than three dresses!!!

Note to self, always be ready to try clothes anytime because I was prepared this time!! I had shaved my hairy legs the night before and the dresses I tried on were those short dresses that is meant to show off your sexy legs which I do not have!!! I have to admit though that I didn't look so bad in dresses and I could wear dresses!!! I was actually afraid that I couldn't zip the dress up but it fit and ALL THE DRESSES DID!!! HURRAY!!!!

In the end, I was the one who ended up with a new dress which was purple and really quite lovely...It was really cute to look at and I am so glad to own this dress!!! The dress costed RM70 (With a little discount) and my dad bought it for me!!! I thought it was just for fun but he actually bought it!!! So, for a non-shopping person like me it is a HUGE DEAL!!!

I have to say that the shopping trip was quite enjoyable but I really hate trying on clothes because it's even tougher than working out in a gym for an hour or more!!! I mean I was sweating just struggling into those dresses!!! Looks like I won't have to work out for a day or two with that shopping trip!!! Hehe!!!

The joys of being a girl sometimes is enjoying new clothes...Admit it, everyone loves new stuff!!

PS. I didn't take any picture of me in the dresses because I don't do snapshots, people so sorry for the disappointment!!! I am no supermodel so no pictures of me!!!

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