Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Britney Can Kiss & Give Me Ham or Die!!!

Yeah, kiss kiss

Like a long dream, like a star, I waited for you
No one else in this world, nothing’s better

The leisure of a cup of coffee
The steps leading me towards you
Are all joys I’ve become familiar with
This isn’t me
I’ve never been this way before
It’s because it’s you

Oh, I won’t stop
I’m loving you
So we can draw a dream of lasting color
To love with you
Only you can provide this magic for us

Kiss kiss
I want your kiss kiss
Sweet kiss kiss
Oh, baby, baby
I wanna kiss kiss
I need your kiss kiss
Just the two of us, kiss kiss
Oh, baby, baby

Like TV, like a dream, I feel like I’m the star
The world is our stage and we are on it
Whenever a good movie premieres
Whenever new music comes out
You’re the first person I think of
I’m not this kind of guy
I’ve never been this way before
It’s because it’s you...

Gosh, this song is sooooo mushy but I don't mind listening to this song or any songs sung by Kim Hyun Joong because I love his voice...It makes me hyper!!!

Seriously, if a guy did sing this in reality to me, I would punch them in the face not give them a kiss on the cheek!!! Change the song lyrics to Punch, punch!!!

Guy: Girl, I been waiting for you and your kiss.
Me: Are you serious? (Raises eyebrows)
Guy: Yes, about you. I want your kiss kiss, girl.
Me: Okay. Close your eyes.
Guy: (closes eyes)
Me: (Punches him)
Guy: What did you do that for?
Me: Wasn't the song title Punch Punch?
Guy: No! It was kiss Kiss! What made you think of Punch Punch?
Me: Oops...My bad... I change the song... (Grins evily)

Okay. Not exactly a good way to ditch a guy but it sounds so cool that I wanna try it so WATCH OUT GUYS!!! I am loaded and not afraid to use my fist!!!

Now, it's my favorite section again!!! To ruin another perfectly normal song with my expertise of writing the song lyrics and placing in senseless things...

My loneliness is killing me
(And I)
I must confess I still believe
When I'm not with you I lose my mind
Give me a sign
Hit me baby one more time

My version of Hit Me Baby One More Time

My Hungeriness is killing me (Cuz I)
I must admit I still love ham
When I'm not eating ham, I lose my mind
Give me the ham...
Feed my tummy till I am full

Frankly, I am a Britney Spear's lover but I thought the song was a little harsh...Like hitting a girl??? Where's the manners in guys these days??? No wonder people resort to violence these days...My title of this song is Feed Me Ham or Die!!!

Oh baby baby
The reason I breathe is you
Boy you got me blinded
Oh pretty baby
There's nothing that I wouldn't do
It's not the way I planned it
Show me how you want it to be
Tell me baby cause I need to know now oh because

My Version

Oh ham, ham
The reason I live is for ham
Ham, you got me drooling
Oh, yummy ham
There's nothing that can keep me away
Not even a butcher with a sharp knife
Show me how yummy you look
Because I am dying for a ham sandwich and I need it NOW

Okay...I think I am turning into a really weird obsessive ham lover now... Doesn't my version seem better??? Hope it keeps you smiling, Zeelei!!!

That's all for now because I think some people might start vomiting blood and die soon if I don't stop changing the lyrics....

End Of Story!!!

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