Thursday, June 16, 2011

Facebook V Mum???

Okay...Here's a clarification to those people who are just tuning in to my blog, welcome peeps!!! And to those of you who have scroll down and read my newly written song lyrics, bear in mind that I do NOT hate the songs and have no hatred towards any of the singers which might have resorted me to ruin a lot of perfectly normal songs but I was B.O.R.E.D!!! Please don't hate me or kill my blog because I am NOT against anyone...Well, maybe I do dislike some celebrities but with good reasons but I will not name them just in case the fans are reading this...Sorry people...

Reasons why I had to clarify things was because my sister misunderstood my post and thought I was insulting Kim Hyun Joong's song which I wasn't because I LOVE HIM!! It would be a total sin to diss such a great guy...Too bad he's not MINE...YET!!! Hehe!!!

Now, which song should I ruin since I am in the ruining mood again and I think I am a pretty decent song writer...Wait, I mean song rewriter...Is there even such a word??? Shhhh!!! It exist in my dictionary so it's REAL!!! Oh yeah, here's a little joke that took place in my house yesterday...I mean around 1.00am in my house...

Mum: I think I might dye my own hair...
Me: No!!! What if you come out looking like Ronald McDonald???
Celine: (Looking at Korean star's hairstyle) Mum, can I cut like her hair???
Mum: (Looks at picture) You cannot because it fits thin people.
Celine: But I like it.
Mum: You can't because you have a fat face. (Remains composed)
Me: (Rolling on the floor with laughter)

Honestly, my mum is like the coolest joker EVER and I must have inherited her genes or something!!! She just insulted my sister with a straight answer and she still remained composed... My sister and I were practically laughing like maniacs...

Next joke went on the lines of....

Me: Mum, Celine wants to follow you to the hairstylist tomorrow.
Mum: For what? (Keeps camera)
Me: She wants to cut the monk style. (I pronounced it differently)
Mum: What's that? (Sister laughs)
Me: You know the monk in the temple??? Bald.
Mum: Oh... (Finally laughs)

I love my mum so much!!! We were practically giggling in the middle of the night and the jokes kept coming...

Mum chatting to my aunt on Facebook using my sister's account

Mum: (Types out long sentence) How do I send the message to her?
Sister: Press Enter
Mum: But I want to send the message to her. I finished typing already.
Sister: No, press enter to send it to her.
Mum: Oh...(Continues typing)
Sister & I: (laughs)

Mum waiting for reply from my aunt

Mum: Wait, how do I know if she's replying me?
Sister: You wait and look at the bubble thing at the bottom.
Mum: What bubble thing? I don't see anything.
sister: No, I meant the bubble next to her name. See? (Points out)
Mum: Oh...Wait, the bubble is gone. Oh, it's back again. Why isn't there a reply yet?
Me: Mum, she's still typing. You need to wait first.
Mum: Why so long??? I type so long and she still didn't reply.
Sister: Mum, it's the connection.
Mum: What connection? (Serious face)

Mum awaiting for reply from my aunt while my sister and I were messing around, talking rubbish...

Me: (Laughs at my sister)
Mum: Shhhh...Go and sleep la.
Me: Cannot. Celine is poking me...
Mum: Don't talk so loud.
Sister: See, you make so much noise later you wake our neighbours up...
Mum: No, later aunty can hear you two talking.
Sister: Mum, it's Facebook. You can't hear anything.
Mum: Really??? I though she can hear us...You can chat on Facebook right?
Me: Mum, you don't even know your account and you chat as in typing not talking.
Mum: Oh, Facebook is not to talk???

Mum waiting to send her next sentence...

Mum: Eh, Facebook isn't good la.
Me: Why?
Mum: You can't send the message at the same time as another person does right?
Sister: Huh? Why not?
Mum: Because it might collide and crash Facebook right?
My Sister and I: (No comment)

Seriously, I feel like I am living in some comedy show because my mum could be the comedian in the show...My life is complete...She puts the FUN in the word FUNNY!!!

My life is complete...Forget the song ruining session today because my mum made my day...Mum's the word!!!


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