Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year is Here!!!

Happy New Year, peeps and sorry for not updating my blog for so long…I've been lazy so I couldn't sit down and type out any random thoughts…


So, what's my new year's resolution for this year since it isn't likely that I will complete it all so yeah, it's just fun to write down things that you're supposed to try and do and fail miserably at doing it hence you just don't complete it…Like for example I've been writing down for a few years now to study hard and did it work??? Nope, but it does look good if people do see your list…Just a little advice, do write to achieve accomplishable things and not something remotely impossible like for money to drop on your lap or to fly like superman because that second one will NEVER happen…Here are a few of my resolution so maybe you could try to write your own by using mine as a guideline.

  1. To study at least 6 hours a day
  2. To do a good gesture for someone everyday which makes their day
  3. Stay positive
  4. Complete all my assignments in time and hand it all up
  5. Clean my room and maintain it for the whole year
  6. Learn something new everyday

That's about all I came up with but it's a great start and I've also got a theme for myself this year… It's to be daring and to try new things that normally wouldn't try but nothing illegal, of course!!! Hmm…now to figure out what's the first thing to try that I normally wouldn't do???

Another year has passed and well, 2011 actually passed really fast for me…I mean I still remember my first day of orientation where I was jumping up and down like a monkey and I even did the All Blacks routine which was actually pretty fun now that I look back although it was embarrassing at that time…The time I first talked to my first two friends at college and now I'm done with my A-levels and waiting for the results to come out…Sigh, how time passes really fast when you have fun…Today's actually the first day back at school for Primary and High School students so yeah, I should have rolled down my mum's car window and laughed at them…Or not…Just kidding…

Funny how the world gets affected by several big time stories like this story that I was following recently although it has ended last year… Like when Michael Jackson died in 2009, I was listening to the radio while preparing for school when I heard the news and I even had to check Twitter whether it was true!!! This story is actually about Amanda Knox who was locked in Italy's prison for 4 years for the alleged murder of her roommate and she was finally freed after those four years behind bars when her appeal won…

Now, the BIG question is….DID SHE ACTUALLY DO IT???

Reading all those articles on how she won her case and the comments after that, I was puzzled simply because the gaps in the Italian law system was so visible in this case which may have freed an innocent woman from 24 years in prison for a crime she didn't commit or freed a killer who purely benefited for her crime??? I think the whole problem was the audience were lacking in information on the entire case that we're quick to judge whether she's guilty or not so I've decided to be neutral since nobody will ever know the whole truth…Why do some people keep saying she's involved in a satanic ritual at any chance they can??? I find religion a sensitive issue so I'd rather not voice my opinion on this matter either….Overall, this case has made many people wonder who the real victim was and whether we were missing a piece if the puzzle….

The internet connection keeps breaking off that I am sorely tempted to fall asleep while waiting…I think I could even grow a beard, waiting for the connection….


Chinese New Year is almost here so one thing comes into mind: Ang Pow Packets!!!! Children love it while parents hate it because they're giving away free money!!! The joy of getting money for nothing in return….And those really BIG gatherings to celebrate…New clothes to wear this year so maybe I'll try on a dress or two…Hehe!!!

The End!!!

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