Friday, January 27, 2012

My Secret Obsessions!!!

Sorry for the long disappearance but I was really busy plus I had no idea what to write...So, I decided to take a really long break from blogging and getting off my FAT LAZY butt to explore the outside world...Have you people actually tired it??? Stand up and walk out your front door and STAY OUT for a couple of hours instead of rotting in front of the computer!!! Go now!!!

Anyway, I guess a lot of things happened since I last posted so Imma update you really quick since I'm supposed to be sleeping early as I'm sick but I couldn't resist blogging...It's my latest addiction so Imma try quitting when I get bored of it...

Firstly, I got my A-Levels results back and I PASSED IT!!! Like seriously I was freaking out until I couldn't sleep the previous night and I think people must think I was a zombie or worse since I rode the public transportation with messy hair and red bloodshot eyes!!! I'm so not kidding!!! I should have taken a picture if you don't believe me!!! Thank goodness I passed or I would have killed someone with anything I can find!!! Although I wasn't very pleased with my results, I guess it's okay since I don't have to see Economics anymore!!!

EAT THAT ECONS!!! I made it out alive!!!

Yup, I was that happy to be able to conquer and kill Econs like that!!! So long, Economics!!!

Sorry but my heart's pumping really fast right now...*Slaps myself* Ouch, that actually hurts!!! What was I thinking when I slapped myself???

So, Happy Chinese New Year to All!!! Yeah, I had a great celebration this year thanks to my cousins who came back for China to have fun...We ate our hearts out and we even had a little karoke session!!! Yes, best fun I had in ages so I did do a lot of rubbish like dancing around and singing at the top of my lungs until I got a sore throat the next day....No kidding...Even my grandmum was shocked when my cousins and I decided to trash the place and dance around to Flo-Rida's "Low"...Bet she would remember that scene since I was jumping around and shaking like a crazy woman!!! She will probably never look at me the same way EVER but oh well...

Yeah, my mum will probably never see my dancing like there's no tomorrow anytime soon so it was FUN for me...

Grandmum, I'm just shaking what you gave to my mum who passed it down to me!!!

Ah, I'm drooling at pictures of cute cupcakes right now...I'm dead serious because my entire keyboard is being covered by my drool...Ah, the wonderful taste of that delicious cupcake in my mouth as it melts and sends me to heaven...I could die at that moment...

Want a peep of those lovely cupcakes???

Caution: These following pictures may promote delicious and edible cupcakes that may cause you to drool and crave for these wonderful creation!!!

Usually I am not a fan of Pink but I'll make an exception for this lovely pink cupcake!!!

I love this quote so much!!! This should my 2012 motto for life since I'm just too lazy to work out...

You know what's better than eating cupcakes??? Having famous shopping brands on it!!! Double heaven!!! Now that's what I call a great deal!!!

Ah!!! These are so cute that I can't bear eating them!!! Why is it so difficult to eat something so adorable??? This is killing me!!!!

Okay, that enough torture for a night...Time for bed since it's almost three in the morning here...
Goodnight everyone!!! Until we meet again!!!

The End!!!

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