Monday, April 11, 2011

Fake Friends!!!

Now, why in the world would I care about any of your problems when I have lots of my own??? Yes, you know who I am talking to here so stop holding your breath! Wait, on the other hand, just keep holding it until I am done here. First, you treat me as a good friend and then I am thrown out like trash to you! Listen here, Miss Annoying because I am so sick of people mistreating me that way so back off!

Next, you act like I don't exist to you anymore and that your friendship is so much better than me so here's some news for you, girl! I am way better off without you so keep walking away because I never needed you anyway! You make me feel like I am useless and I am merely a puppet well guess what? This puppet is clearly much brighter than you so stop think of senseless nonsense! I am really annoyed with your immature jokes and fake lies that you keep feeding me and everyone else with because I am not a FOOL! This isn't April Fool's anymore so drop the acting and throw away that horrible mask of yours. Oh wait, that was your face falling off.

I'm pretty sure you must feel hurt now but I am not offering any apologies as you are not a friend to me! You left me alone and I guess being alone has showed me that some friends just love to hurt you so I am leaving all this behind. So, the next time you mess with me, I will hit you back with my sarcastic line and my fake smile and my false pretenses for you! If that's mean to you, too bad because I am a changed person!

Who's the fool now? You barely even know anything about me! All you do know is the area I am living at. And you said you cared....You are not worth my time anymore so go and pretend to care for another person. Here are a few pictures that reminds me of you and makes me smile gleefully!

Yes, that's exactly how deep the wounds you left are.

Yes, you are also a backstabber in my eyes so stop trying to hurt me with your lies and betrayal! I had enough of you!

OH yeah!!! I totally agree to this saying although I can't say it to you... Take that fake friend!



  1. I was just looking for something about friendship and find you here. Really reality based post. :)

  2. @Asma Khan Thanks for saying that...I was actually writing based on my personal experience from someone I met this year...Let's just say we're on talking terms although we may not be the best of friends like we seemed early this year...I guess time heals everything...