Monday, April 25, 2011

Royal Pain in The Butt!!!

So, who would actually like a person as miserable as you? Still don't have a clue what I mean, here's a few reasons for you to consider.

1. You lied to me.
2. You probably are glad at your lies and made up stories that you tell everyone.
3. You think that everyone likes you.
4. You only care about yourself
5. You don't even find out what my problem is with you...

Okay, Miss Wannabe, How far are you going to keep pushing my buttons??? You remind me of my old friend and I hate fakers like you. You told me that you hate that person but why are you talking to her then??? Here's a little lesson for you to learn, never lie to me and talk to that person on social networks then expect me to not find out!!! Are you that stupid and take me for a fool??? You never did seem smart to me but I never judged you until now.

You can also stop trying to seem friendly to everyone because here's a little update for you, no one likes a faker like you!!! You may think they do but everyone hates your attitude and your fake pretenses so quit acting like you are some hotshot!!! Haven't you noticed their looks whenever you walk into a room??? I have seen their looks and it sure isn't friendly.... You want people to like you??? Stop being fake and change that messed up attitude of yours because it annoys people!!

You think your life is one big issue and you hate everything in it...Have you ever considered the fact that you are the only one who has problems because you THINK your whole life is a mess??? You make it seem like other people's problems are major but it is big to them so stop being selfish and complain about life when it isn't so bad to begin with. You hate this and that so get a life then!!! Maybe your life would stop being so horrible if you just learn to accept life as it is and smell the roses!!!Gosh, I feel like you are so dumb to not see how great life is....

Lesson to you all, beware of these type of people, Wannabes because they are bound to appear and throw all their problems with you until you suffer... Keep FAR away from this type is is a hazard to remain with them...


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