Sunday, April 10, 2011

Confusion.. Is It Me???

So, I finally realized that I am a really blur person and I tend to live carefree with no problems so it surprises me that problems tend to find me especially with friends. That is a major problem to me as friends are my life. Anyhow, here's my little problem that I can't seem to figure out.

Let's assume there's a friend named P and we used to be really close friends. I would spend hours, talking to her on the phone and boy, my phone bill really did reach a high point those few months but I didn't mind that. Then, she got closer to another friend of mine whom I was extremely close to, like a sister and I started to feel left out as I felt as if she was replacing me but I remained silent. She stopped talking to me and she didn't even inform me of a recent gather which surprised me...Did I do something wrong?

I met a friend who finally understood me and we instantly connected like my other only best friend in primary school, Vivian. I am pretty sure this friend already figured out her identity but the story continues on. P started college and stopped contacting me...Not even a text and my post on facebook remains unanswered....I am seriously lost for words. I don't understand why she is ignoring me but I am guessing she isn't pleased with my friendship with my new friend like our previous fight. I do wish that she would call me or at least text me but nothing. I guess I did dissappear from her life....I do hope she isn't mad at me....

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