Wednesday, April 13, 2011

American Idol or American Zero???

American idol has always been my favorite television show of all times but I am a little disappointed with this year's contestants. Well, actually there are several things that I dislike about the show.

1. The judges are not the same except for Randy ( He's joined by Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler)
2. The Contestant's abilities to sing
3. The Elimination of the Contestants.
4. Simon Cowell is gone
5. Simon has left the show

Allow me to explain myself before you start booing me for those American Idol fans!!! I do not HATE the judges but I am not pleased with their comments on the contestants at all!!! To be honest, no one seems to bad in their eyes so who is America supposed to vote out??? They are always complimenting the contestants which my booast their confidence but besides that there is no strong critic!!! I miss Simon Cowell soo much! There are too many Paulas as the judges and no one wants to reign Simon's crown!!! Come on judges! stop hiding and rise up to the challenge.

Next, I am unimpressed with most of the contestants as I don't feel like they are the best contestants with the exclusion of Pia and james! They don't fit the likes of Carrie Underwood and I have heard better singers on youtube compared to them. Sorry but tell me if I am wrong...Which I doubt that I am as I have been following the show for years. And the elimination last week was so cold!!! Pia was out of the competition?? I was shocked when I heard that as Pia was one of the best talents there! That's what happens when your judges are too nice to everyone. America has been confused and voted off the wrong contestant!!! That leaves the Adam Lambert wannabe, James left who is a shoo is to win the competition.
Lastly, who didn't love to hate Simon when he insulted the contestants which made them better??? Don't lie people because honestly, the show is gone without Simon!!! So, with the elimination of one of the only talents last week, I am praying that America does not repeat the same mistake again. If James is eliminated, I am never tuning in for the show again...well, until next year!!!

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