Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cheaters, step forward!!!

Well, I thought that college life would be different from high school but it isn't!! Allow me to explain why...At high school, cheating was common in my class...yes, I still remembered it but I didn't do it!! I was forced to study despite it being the eleventh hour so I would appreciate if those people had studied...or at least tried to do so!!! And the worst part is they got better marks than me!!! Honestly!!!

So, I did try once but it was the last time I ever did it. I actually scored lower than my normal score!!! That's karma, people. So, please don't try it out like I did. And my friend actually cheated then she rubbed it in my face!! I swear that I could have just killed M!!! It was so annoying but thank god it's over now. Or so I thought..College is almost the same!!! The methods of cheating has actually been modified but it's still cheating!! And I actually spotted one of my friend doing it!!! And she was actually brave enough to do it in front of everyone!!! Which makes me mad as I actually had to memorise everything and they come out with weird excuses such as they can't remember what they have read or they don't have time!!! So people, please do NOT cheat!!! As you are only cheating yourself!!! Do you honestly think that if you get better marks than your previous grades is good??? You know that you don't deserve it in your hearts so don't do it!!!

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