Friday, April 22, 2011

Driving Lesson: Part 3

This afternoon, I had my driving lesson again with Mr. Joseph who is still my driving instructor (Thank heavens for that) and he allowed me drive again which meant that either

a) He has a death wish and is totally insane
b) I am a good driver

Yeah, I think it was option A but I guess I will never know the answer... Anyway, I managed to drive us safely to the main driving school to practise at the circuit and I was left alone again when Mr. Joe decided to go for lunch... Now, I had skipped lunch and breakfast as I had woke up late... I offed my alarm because I was having a dream and it was about me on American Idol!!! And I thought wait a moment, I'm not even an American and I doubt that I can sing that well... Back to my lesson, I drove around the circuit a few rounds and it was so fun to speed!!! Hehe!!! I was racing with another driver and I beat him!! So here's how I did on the hill part!!!!

Hill Course
On my first attempt, I actually did it!!! I managed to stop exactly at the line and I swear that it's true!! I did make several mistakes on the hill as I was trying to drive down from the hill. I released the clutch a little too early after releasing the hand brake and boy, did the car jerk and I was forced to try another time... I only did like 6 rounds on the hill but it was fun!!!!

Side Parking Course
Now, this was the worst course for me because I just didn't understand how my car was supposed to be parked into a small box on the side.... I struggled a lot on this course and I couldn't understand how other students and pro drivers could do it so easily.... I turned the steering wheel and it was I was driving a ship and not a car!! It was so hard and I was sweating bullets!!! The weather was so hot and the air conditioning was switched off as I had to look out the window to observe my tires... I do need some practise with this part and I hope I actually get it right fast so I don't have to do it anymore!!!

Well, it was raining when I drove myself home and I was thinking to myself, Are you serious? I am just an L???" And my conclusion of L is loser... Hehe!! So now, I am a LOser so YEAH!!! And P is Peanut!!!

Don't be hating on Peanuts because I sure love peanuts!!! Peanut butter!!! Remember people, if you learn to hate, you will never learn to love at all!!!! Till my next driving lesson then!!! PEACE OUT!!!

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