Thursday, April 7, 2011

Who is Rebecca Black???

Anyway, I was in college, waiting for class to begin when I heard several classmates talking about the Friday song and I was confused. What's the friday song? So, I asked them and here's how the conversation when.

Me:What song is that?
friend 1:The Friday song.
Me:The what song?
friend 2:Friday.
Me:Oh. Who's the singer?
Friend 1 & 2: Rebecca Black. (rolls eyes)

So, I was left dazed as I had no idea who Rebecca Black was and I asked my best friend, Xheylie who she was and she replied "Justin Bieber's sister". I decided to check out Rebecca Black's video and boy, was I shocked!!! I didn't actually mind the song so much but I disliked her voice!!! She sounded completely autotuned and I couldn't believe that Lady Gaga and Simon Cowell supported her!!! I decided to read several comments so I clicked the enable automatic comments and comments started pouring...And I mean seriously. Like every second that I was on that youtube channel and the comments were terrible. People actually insulted her there. I am NO fan of her but people, learn to respect people's rights to post videos of themselves.

I'm sure that Rebecca is ashamed to even leave her house now with all her haters all over the world growing rapidly but no, she decided to make another video about the concept of the song and started stating that people did not understand the song. Rebecca, word of advise people aren't listening to you so please stop digging a bigger hole to bury yourself in. Just let things slide with time then stop posting videos of you singing on youtube anymore. I'm sure the world would be a better place if you just removed the video.

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