Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Me!!!

Am I really to sweet to everyone??? That's the question on my mind right now and gosh, does it stink to be though of in that way by EVERYONE!!! I mean I walk around and people think that I am just this really naive and smart girl but I doubt that I am!!! What do I have to do to shed that image? Wear skimpy clothes and wear too much make up that I end up looking like I had a hangover? Here's what I have managed to list down as things to be done to shed that innocent girl look that everyone loves to annoy me with so back off haters!


I always look towards others and care about how people judge me for everything. So here are to those people, who gave you the rights to judge me? And so what if you hate what I am wearing or how I act? If you got a problem with me, sue me for it! Stop trying to bring me down because I am not going to stand for it any longer.


I learnt that the hard way when some people clearly DON'T care about me at all!!! They only throw all their problems at me and at the end of the day, I am left alone with the excess baggage. So, to those users, STOP thinking that your problems are so big in life!!! the only reason that it seems big is because instead of doing something about it, you are sitting on your lazy butt and doing NOTHING!!!! I am so sick of caring for these fakers already so if you only befriend me to throw all your luggages at me, step aside because I am over with you!!!


Next time someone annoys me, I am going to sarscam them back and believe me, I am not afraid to use my new found weapon. So, if you think you can, try me but don't regret it because I won't. I am so sick of people pretending to care about me when all them seem to think about is themselves.
Pretender: Are you okay?
Me: Do I look okay? If I am then wouldn't I look fine to you?

More ME TIME by focusing on my studies and stop caring bout others around me so much!!! This is the biggest flaw in me and I have got to stop caring!!! I spend more time hleping others in life and not enough to move on with mine. My brain is filled with mostly people's problems... I don't mind true friends who actually stand with me but pretenders who hope to see me fail and laugh at me!!!

5. ACT LIKE A B****!!!!

But only to those fakers because they totally deserve that. I don't want to keep acting so nice to them when they clearly don't deserve it. So, don't push me or you asked for it!!! Back off fakers, haters and pretenders. Stop trying to ruin my life because I am a BRAND NEW ME!!!

For those of you who do know me really well, this might sound a little extreme with my makeover but I will always be the same!!! PEACE OUT!!!

Don't worry!!! I won't resort to excessive makeup or skimpy outfits for everyone's entertainment. Sorry, Taylor!!!

Or wear really weird outfits like Lady Gaga to make a statement!!!


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