Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fairytales do come true!!!

So, how did I spend my Friday this week???Well, here's a little hint, everyone was doing the same thing as I was...No, I wasn't commenting on Rebecca Black's Friday video but I was watching the Royal Wedding!!! Yes, I was dying to watch the wedding for a few reasons:

1. I have such a boring life so I resort to watching other people's life.
2. I wanted to see Katherine's dress!!!
3. Everyone was watching the Royal Wedding so why shouldn't I???
4. I love happy endings....
5. I am a sucker for fairytales!!!

So, I watched the wedding with my reluctant sister who seemed uninterested to watch the greatest wedding of the decade for no apparent reason....Not my problem...I was still determine to watch it for my own reasons and I was jumping with joy as we watched the guest travel from the palace to Westminister Abbey for the ceremony...Frankly, Britain must be glad with the publicity of the entire wedding ceremony to the whole world and the focus was on the bride's dress...I meant in reality people are always looking at the wedding dress just like the Oscar awards...What are the celebrities wearing and the name of the designers???

The moment I saw Kate inside the car which was supposed to transport her to the wedding, I was gleefully jumping up and down as I spotted the dress!!! It looked so beautiful and princess-like with the tiara and the lace which revealed just enough to match Kate's style but also enough to be conservative!!! It was amazing how the dress was exactly how I had imagined it to look and Kate looked so beautiful in it!!!

I watched the wedding ceremony until the speech part then I was bored...I mean I seriously can't imagine myself there and not falling asleep....Is it only me or did Prince William lose a LOT OF HIS HAIR!!!! He was practically balding and to imagine that I used to have a crush on him!!! GASP!!!!

I looked the look on Harry's face when he notices Kate walking towards the altar to William, he told his older brother "Wait till you see the dress", he looked so adorable in his uniform!! Sigh, if only I could meet him!!!! My life would be exactly like Kate's and I thought to myself, how lucky is she???? To honestly snag a prince in this time is like catching a unicorn!!! It is so rare so she should be my mentor!!! Write a book on how to snag a hot prince!!! It will be a bestseller in less than a week!!!!

I am looking at the wedding pictures now on the net. Life for me will never be as wonderful as I want it to be. Here's several pictures from the beautiful wedding!!!

William putting the wedding ring made of real gold on Kate's finger!!!! She can never go back to her normal life now!!!!

Prince William and Katherine Middleton after the wedding ceremony!!! They look so sweet together!!!!

The offical wedding picture of the Royal Family and the Middletons!!! Not so normal aren't they with the daughter marrying a prince???

Don't they look so beautiful together???? They look like a family in the picture!!!

They royal kiss everyone was awaiting for!!!They look so perfect for each other!!! Sigh!!! Look at the little girl on the left side though...What is with her expression???

I really have no life. I better stop reading about the Royal wedding before I torment my future husband next time and expect a prince in a white Ferrari to appear!!! I pity my future boyfriend....Time to start living in reality again. The story of an average girl like me!!!

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