Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Blues??? No more!!!

Okay, usually I get a little cranky on Mondays because it's the beginning of the week but today, I was so excited!!!! Well, I was freaking out about my Moral studies test this morning but who cares???? I finished two of the worst subjects EVER!!!! So long, Moral and Malaysian studies!!!!

I want to watch Eclipse again...I have the sudden urge to watch some seriously lovey dovey movies....Even I can't explain it..... I miss talking to you, woman!!! Yes, my wifey has offically dumped me for something else....I'm not sure what it is because she isn't telling me....The life of a teen these days.... This week is my first week with a full schedule....confused yet??? Here's my schedule for the week until I finish my course in November....

Mon-Tort Law
Tues-English Legal System
Thurs-Contract Law
Fri-Economics (A2)

Well, if you are wondering why I have so many law subjects on my schedule, I am a law student!!! Duh!!! I am not going to waste my time to study something that I won't use in the future, right??? Don't answer that.... Anyway, I had my first Tort lesson today and boy, what an awkward place to meet your lecturer for the first time...I met her in the toilet and I smiled at her!!!! Sorry, Ms. Diana, I didn't know you were my new lecturer!!! Bet she though I was a weird person, smiling to myself in the toilet...Hehe!!!! I should stop doing that...

I feel so tired now....Must be the adrenaline rush of the test....My eyes are slowly closing now.... And I am supposed to be studying but I resort to typing out my rubbish life on the net...Brilliant, right????

And my express route is supposed to be the best class to get many pretty A star (I don't know why they just don't call it A plus) for the a-Level course....I almost burst out laughing at that remark....Must be the job of my Economics lecturer.... Wonder if it was a sarcastic remark from him???? I am so bored now, listening to Mirror Mirror-4minute.... I really should study for my Economics test on Wednesday...Did I ever mention that I hate exams????


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