Sunday, May 8, 2011

Best Driving Lesson EVER!!!

I never thought my bad luck would end but IT DID!!! Thank god too because I almost cried the last time and also flush my head in the toilet bowl, I didn't do it because that would be disgusting, people!! So, please do NOT do that!!! Anyway, Mr. Joe was nice enough to give me another chance and so soon too!!! The minute I got into the small car, I drove to prove myself and boy was Mr. Joe impressed!!!

At the circuit...

THE HILL- I managed to do it well the second time with Mr. Joe in the car and he still managed to keep a poker face!!I bet he was satisfied but he didn't want to make me happy just yet... But I took his silence as a sign of approval...

THE THREE POINT TURN- I was left alone to do it and Mr. Joe stood outside in the little stand....I managed to do it well and fast like a pro!!! Hehe!!! I was so excited by then....Mr. Joe kept asking me to do the same thing till I got bored though... It was fun when I did it the first few times...

THE PARKING- It was easier than I thought and I remembered all the steps he taught me!!! Mr. Joe was so impressed he asked me to do the three course again while he....wait for it, just a few more seconds......Drums please....Dum, dum, dum....filled out my QTI test form!!! He even told me that I improved impressingly fast!!! I smiled so wide that I think my jaw could have dropped off!!!!

EXAM here I come!!!! I was super excited when I got home.....Listening to Don't hold your breathe now!!!Now to ace my Moral studies exam tomorrow!!! I am on a roll and I won't stop!!! Wish me luck!!!

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