Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Heat, Monsters and Awards???

Today, I am so bored at home and it's only been the second day at home...I think my brain is now messed up thanks to my early mornings during college days....I woke up when it was 10.30 am and it was still morning!!! Yes, I am dead serious...I woke up before the sun was in the middle of the sky which means the afternoon, people...

I also worked out how to use my MSN MESSENGER after so many months of abandoning it alone to rot...The only problem this entire time was I forgot my password and my email address... Funny right??? Trust me, I can lose or forget absolutely anything...It's like a talent or something...I should win an award for that talent...Try it because it's not as easy as it seems...I am lucky enough to not lose myself somewhere because I try to be careful on my way to college everyday...I mean I walk the same way everyday and I take the same public transportation...It would be so weird if I lost my way....Like hello??? Is it even possible to do so???

I fixed my MP4 player again...The thing is kind of crazy right now...Like it charges the opposite way now...I don't know how or why but I just want it to work...I just need something that is alive to play some music on my way to college and back to the station...Easy right??? Please survive, my poor player before I kill you again...My laptop is also a little crazy but working better than ever since that fraud software entered my laptop...Darn Win 7 Total Security, you are so fake!!!!
I need to stop pressing any button I want just because I am curious...Every time I do so, things get ruined...Bad me!!!

OMG, my favorite lecturer is right about me!!! I fit my name really well!!! I am a real monster!!! I ruin everything I touch!!! I turn it into dust!!! NO!!!!! But oh well, maybe I should live up to my name by dressing like one...I think I dress better on certain days for college but not always...I get lazy at times and I just throw on a shirt and jeans with a matching sneaker to complete my looks...Casual seems to be the thing these days...I do tend to overdress some times but it seems fine to others...I should be most confident with myself...My friends think I weight less than 50kg...I mean honestly, I doubt that...I think I look like about 55 kg...
Or more but they think like around 45 to 50kg!!! I mean that is like totally out of range cuz I doubt I look that light...

"I am not short but funsized"

That's my motto on one of my favorite shirts!!!! It was so cute and my friends laughed as they read it...I mean I am not short and yet the shirt said otherwise...

Why am I typing random stuff again??? Oh no, this heat and holiday must be messing with my head...I need to get out of this place!!! Save me!!!


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