Tuesday, May 24, 2011

If I die Young, American Idol and Fridays???

My crazy wife decided to dedicate a song titled Love Like Woe-The Ready Set to me and I felt guilty that I decided to dedicate a song especially for her...It was either Friday-Glee Cover or Shampoo-After School....Let me explain how I chose the songs...

Friday was because I was trying to tell her that she annoys me because the song is not exactly the best song EVER written but I love Glee as she does too which shows her how much I LOVE HER!!! Hehe!! Yes, woman, you better be reading this or I will never say this EVER again!!! Glee is loved by everyone who listens to their songs and the beats are also catchy just like how fun my wifey can be when her head isn't wedged between a book, studying like the nerd she is....

Shampoo is because I love that song and shampoos are always useful in life right??? Can you imagine a life without shampoos to wash your hair??? I just shudder at that mere thought.... What I meant is my wifey is important in my life and she's always with me no matter how much she stings with her sarcasm...Hehe!!!

Yeah, semester break starts next Monday and I get one week off from college!!! HURRAY!!! What to talk about now??? My mind is empty.... Just uploading pictures onto Facebook for my friends and YAH!!! I reached 70 followers on Twitter!!! I wonder if I can drive backwards for my driving test???

American Idol is sooooo boring without James there!!! I hate this year's American Idol so much because why are all the great singers cut out of the picture??? Yes, we are left with the final two and the finals is this week but frankly, I doubt that the show will be as entertaining as ever with the likes of the two young contestants, Scotty and Lauren... I love country songs but there is a limit especially for the international sales of these two finalist... Not everyone loves country songs because most prefer pop songs like Glee songs!!!No doubt that Scotty will take the Idol title and crown home with his millions of followers and I actually preferred Hayley to Lauren because Hayley has improved so much and her performances last week was frankly the best besides Scotty...

Memorable performances of the last week: “What Is And What Should Never Be” – Led Zeppelin performed by Hayley, “If I Die Young” – The Band Perry performed by Lauren, Amazed and Are you going to kiss me or not-Scotty...

I love this version of this song!!! The lyrics are so touching!!! Watch it now!!!

And now compared to Lauren's performance last week!!! Surprisingly I like both version!!! This is Lauren's best Performance EVER!!!

I do hope Lauren will try her best to compete for the crown or it will surely be an easy win for Scotty!! I think I found a new favorite song of mine!!!


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