Monday, May 30, 2011

Outings, hot guys and Smile!!!

Another friends outing bites the dust as I pressed the NO button to reject the invitation of my friend, Isaac...Sorry people but I have my personal reasons why I can't attend this event and been ditching the last few events too... Sounds bad right that I haven't met up my friends since the SPM Results day but it can't be helped...I mean I feel bad just pressing that NO button and worst when I have to explain me constantly being absent...

Believe me, it is hard but I have no choice and I sound like a jerk just putting everyone out... Why is that Boyfriend song always on the radio these days??? This is the second time in this hour and I think I am going to kill someone soon if I get annoyed with that song....

Covenant is actually a good action/love movie...I rewatched it today and boy was it getting hot in my house...I mean have you seen so many hot guys shirtless before??? This was like a candy store and I could have bought up all the candies including the store too...Just listening to Steven Straits husky and sexy voice made me melt...I was turning into a puddle of wonderful rainbow colors and it was just his voice!!! Forget about Taylor Lautner for a moment because Steven is like the total bomb...Have you seen a hotter body before besides Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman??? And he has quite a great smile...

I mean the story line was kind of predictable but honestly I don't care watching him for 6 hours of doing nothing because he is SOOOO HOT!!! Trust me, you will never find another hot body guy with a great voice and so much sexy appeal as Steven!!! OMG, did I just say that???? Gasp....Erase that bit...

Hottest student EVER!!!! I don't mind if he's married but he's so HOT!!! I love a guy in a uniform!!!

SMILE!!!! Charming with a great smile on his face...Mr. PERFECT!!! And he fits his clothes well...Like the great manly look...

Great in a suit too??? WOW!!! I can want him any day because he just fit my perfect guy list...Yes, I do have a list...Check it out...

1. Great Personality (A MUST!!!)
2. Smart and good looking (optional but must be a little of both I guess)
3. Trustworthy (Trust is an important aspect!!)
4. Makes me smile and laugh (Hey, humor is the way to a girl's heart)
5. Understanding and patient (MUST!!!)

See???Told you I had a list and it is true!!! I need a guy who fits these description... Now to find the perfect guy who fits besides Steven here because he's married already, ladies...I think...Hehe!!!

And that's why... I smile,
It's been a while,
Since everyday and everything has felt this right...
And now,
You turn it all around,
And suddenly you're all I need,
The reason why-I-I-I,
I smi-I-ile.

Remember to smile everyone everyday!!! And I better hurry to catch Boys Over Flowers Encore showing on KBS now!!! Hehe!!! Till next time people!!!


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