Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Pictures From Breaking Dawn Released!!!

I was just refreshing my Facebook page when I noticed an interesting title that caught my eyes and made me speechless!!! What is it, you wonder??? Well, here's a little clue. It has an innocent girl, a romantic vampire and a werewolf tangled in a messed up version of Romeo and Juliet, the beginning of all forbidden love stories...Don't believe me, read the darn book before I kick someone!!! I am a hopeless at love stories and movies because honestly, which girl isn't??? The hormones flowing within me messes up with my emotion and I get all teary for every heartbreaking scene which ruins the moment because I break into tears and my vision becomes blurry!!! Honestly, who loves to break down suddenly at weird times???

Anyway, back to my latest joyful news!!! It was several new pictures from Breaking Dawn!!! Yes, the fourth book of the Twilight series written by the amazing Stephanie Meyer!!! I actually found it yesterday but I was too lazy to upload it all here... Anyway, check it out for yourself!!! Doesn't it make your heart flutter with delight??? To Twilight haters or even Edward-Bella haters, don't ruin the beautiful story with your hatred...There's even a few pictures of Jacob and the rest of the cast...

Two of the few guest invited to the occasion, Edward and Bella's wedding!!! They look so good!!! Go vampires!!!

Jacob rushes to the wedding after he receives the wedding invitation...Doesn't he still look hot with a shirt on??? Run fast, Jake!!!!

Awwww!!! I love the moments with Edward and Bella together!!! They look so good together!!! This must be from the honeymoon scene!!! I feel such strong love between the two!!!

Another picture of Jacob Black, riding his bike!!! What is with his expression

Before the wedding, Alice and Bella are preparing for the big day!!!

Jacob and the other werewolves talking about things...My guess is his obsession with Bella.

Honeymoon picture!!! Look how radiant they look!!!!

The other guest at the wedding!!! Definately vampires!!!Look how beautiful they look!!!

Another honeymoon picture!!!The waterfall scene!!!I thought it was supposed to be at night???

Anyway, that's all for now!!! I can't believe that the picture look so good!!! And I never actually wrote much about the Twilight Series before....Hope you are as crazy about the movie as I am!!!


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