Friday, May 6, 2011

Driving Lesson...again....

Today was the worst driving lesson EVER!!! Well, I am still pretty much shaken from my crazy experience and my hands are still shaking with FEAR.... Here's pretty much the lowdown on what actually happened during the lesson and believe me...I am still shocked that I managed to survive that wild ride.... I drove us (meaning my instructor and I to the circuit) and I forgot to change the gear a few times that Mr. Joe had to keep reminding me!!!

At the circuit, he told me to drive around again like a bee going around the same old circuit before returning from lunch and asking me to try the hill course!!!! Now, I am not afraid of the Hill but I am scared as we are ON the darn HILL!!! Imagine the situation, you are stuck on a hill and you are leaned in a awkward position and worst, you have to release the clutch and press the accelerator with an angry instructor on board with you!!!! Yeah, not so tough now are you???? And I kept making the same mistake of not pulling down the handbrake which made Mr. Joe more mad at me....

AT THE THREE POINT TURN- I actually parked on the crack on the ground instead of beside the darn line.... My mistake??? Well, I turned the steering wheel either too slow or fast!!! What is wrong with me today???? I could kill someone for that mistake!!! But it was my first time so it was okay, I guess...

AT THE PARKING- Surprisingly, I did this part well!!!! Even I went "How did I do this?" I even looked out my window twice to ensure I was right!!! At least something went well today!!!

I'm going to go flush my head in the toilet bowl now!!!I never made so many errors before!!! I blame the Malaysian studies test tomorrow and the Moral studies test on Monday!!! My mind is filled with all the crazy fact and my head feels like it's going to blow up!! I should listen to the song "Blow-Kesha" and hopefully, my head dos do that because I am afraid to face my instructor again!!!

Next, why did my wifey change her blog address??? It's like she changed her house locks and didn't tell me!!! How could you, Xheylie??? After one year together!!!


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