Monday, May 23, 2011

Driving My Teacher up the WALL and Breathing???

I been really busy lately with my studies and also my predriving test aka QTI (Okay, don't ask me the meaning of this word because I honestly don't know) and I PASSED, ALL!!! Yes, I totally killed the test but now the bigger picture comes in, JPJ (The Real Driving test!!!) and I doubt that I am ready for it yet... I honestly have a unique gift...Wanna find out what it is??? Too bad if you said no because I am going to tell you!!! I managed to drive my very patient driving instructor, Mr. Joe away from giving driving lessons and resigning!!! Honestly, he did!!!Okay, I am just messing around but he did quit but it wasn't to do with my HORRIBLE driving skills!!! He just found a new job and he's happy to not risk his life with terrible students such as the wonderful ME!!!! Just a joke again...I am really not that bad that I can give someone a heart attack so stop assuming, people!!

Here's a little shout out to Mr. Joe for all the torture that I put him through...

"Thank you so much for teaching me even at times I might have almost killed you!!! Good luck with your job and I hope it isn't as dangerous as being in the same car as some maniac!!! Hehe!!! All the best!!"

So, I am now instructorless...Is that even a real word or am I just making things up as I go??? I think it's the second option.... My test is on the 7th of June and I can''t wait to rock that driving test with my awesomeness!!! I will shine a light so bright that the examiners can't see my mistakes and I blind everyone but myself!!! Hehe!!!

Gosh, I just found out the Breaking Dawn Trailer is out now!!! OMG, I am hyperventilating!!! It's like the time I watched Eclipse and New Moon and also Twilight!!! I held my breath until I turned purple!!! I need to watch it NOW!!! Here's a few lines from a song that has me hooked since the moment I heard it!!!

If I just breathe
Let it fill the space in between
I'll know everything is alright
Every little piece of me
You'll see
Everything is alright
If I just breathe

YES!!! Just another inspiring quote from a song that rocks!! Blasting it really loud on my stereo!!! This song is helping me get through the hardest part in my life right now so I am breathing in and out to forget somethings that is in my heart...I am trying my best to forget so I love this song for helping me move on!!!

I am sooo bored right now...I should start studying again because I ditched two days of college for some important matter and it is none of any of your business so stop pestering me!!! So, remember to breathe and everything will be alright in life!!!

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