Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Busy Day...I meant Everyday!!!

Today, I took the KTM like I usually do for the days that I have college and I usually took the 7.01am train( if it isn't delayed!!!) but today I decided to wait a little longer for the later train as the coaches were pack!!! Imagine sardines in a can and compressed!!!! I am dead serious about it and the worst part is people kept pushing themselves in!!!So, I allowed myself to wait when the later train was delayed!!! I waited at the small station for 1 whole hour!!! Apparently, one of the train had broken down and it was chaotic!!! People were waiting and the crowd grew rapidly!!! There were even passengers from the spoiled train walking on the other tracks!!! So dangerous right??? Well, this can only be seen in Malaysia!!! Malaysia Boleh!! Lesson learnt from today, never have too much patience in certain cases.

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