Monday, March 28, 2011

Mediator much?!?

Well, I have always been in problems with my friends so I won't say that I am a perfect person....I never said that. Perfection is being with flaws in my opinion. Anyhow, I have also been stuck in various problems involving friends but I am unable to state any names for protection sake and I am not going to reveal their problems here as I am not entitled to say...It's not my problem to begin with yet I get stuck in between and yeah, I try to help.

Call me a fool or any other words that may insult me but I can't help it!!! I just need to help my friends with problems and make it my own. It makes me feel depressed to find out my friends have problems so I have to do something!!! I mean I should actually change my ambition to become a mediator rather than a lawyer!!!

Sometimes I don't even ask to know about the problems and people just approach me and tell me!!! I have my own problems in life and now I need to carry other people's burdens??? Are they kidding me???? Maybe I should stop acting like....well, me and start acting like a person who doesn't care about anything in the world... Now, where do I learn this skill???? It seems easier than listening all the time to people's problems. I don't mind sometimes doing it but not always!!! I have a life too!!! So, lesson learnt is sometimes you can't always be the good guy in life!!! Take it from me!!!

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