Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Friends or not?!?

So anyway, I'm back again despite the long break away but I needed to study for my mock test for Moral studies so I can't concentrate on my studies and my mum might actually kill me for slacking in college!!! Anyhow, I am going through a small dilemma now with a friend of mine. The thing is I meet some really cool friends in college and it was great to hang out with them during orientation week but not when lessons have started, people kind of started to split into different groups and I am pretty much in the middle of everyone and I don't really mind that at all. This friend, S is a pretty good friend of mine and it was great to talk to S even though S tend to been oblivious to certain things that I talked about with S. It was a great friendship until S and I mixed with different groups of friends and we barely speak at college at all and I am always the one to approach S to greet or even to say hi to S!!! I mean it is so confusing as friendship is supposed to be a two way thing and yet I felt like I was the only one making an effort in that friendship. I told S about this issue and S agreed to approach me first but S never does!!! So, I decided to drop several hints and it worked as S finally greeted me and asked me why I was doing so but I kept denying it. The thing is I am a little annoyed at S for pulling me on in this friendship when S doesn't seem interested to be friends at all!!!This weird friendship thing just doesn't seem right to me anymore and I am sick of being played with...It doesn't seem right to me and I am pretty sure that no one would enjoy being in this friendship alone....I mean I appreciate S's effort to entertain me by sharing secrets with me and entertaining me when I was bored at the beginning but I am pretty much giving up on this non-existing friendship already with S being missing in the picture all the time. This friendship is over before it even started and I am a little bummed out but I am going to give S a little more time before moving on from the friendship.

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