Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Love Game...

Well, I am just so sick of guys playing the love games with girls already!!!! I mean things are supposed to be simple and it should play out smoothly.

1. Guy meets girl
2. Guy ask girl out
3. They go out and have fun
4. Become boyfriends and girlfriend if there is a connection
5. If not, remain friends

See what I mean by simple???But these modern times guys seem to enjoy playing around and I don't mean those board games like chess, monopoly and etc. More like they enjoy manipulating girls' mind with those flirting and sending mixed signals!!! I mean I understand that some girls do those things but seriously, girls are SUPPOSED to be like that!!! So, what are your excuses, gentlemen??? Of course, some guys aren't like that but you understand how weird it is to have a guy who seems crazy about you then the next moment he's with another girl...It's like the roles are now reversed...No wonder the rates of insanity has increased rapidly. This whole world of complicated relationships is so confusing....And I don't really want to get mixed up it that game...Nope.Just hit me with those boring and plain board games anytime...I rather spend my time on those old delights....At least for a couple of years until I am ready to face that game...or maybe I need another 100 years to be prepared...Whichever comes first that is...


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